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Tricare ??s

who's talking here?

Hooah Wifey 2
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Hooah Wifey --- 9 years ago -

I was told by my pregnant next door neighbor that if you are pregnant Tricare Prime only let you have the baby @ Reynolds. I'm guessing that's right because even my hubby's sgt told me so. So my question is any of you have tricare standard? How much you pay? I'm thinking on switching to standard just for my pregnancy because I really don't want to deliver on post. btw I'm not pregnant yet 

The other profile --- 9 years ago -

Or just a thought wait till you pcs out of here before to start ttc so you don't have to deal with RACH Basic differnce is the co-pay to which no one can tell you what you may or may not have to pay 

Hooah Wifey --- 9 years ago -

I pcs here 6 months ago and will be here for the next 2yrs *sigh* thanks 

The other profile --- 9 years ago -

I would wait the care here isn't what it should be and you don't want your child to be treated by med school rejects. Besides holding off gives you two time to be a couple. Gives you time to go to school or learn a trade. Also can give you time to get a job and save that money for the baby expences. 

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