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who's talking here?

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smiley --- 8 years ago -

To the people who have been business bashing lately, a few of you are coming across as more angry in a personal manner than as a buyer. I completely understand being upset with a business, but attacking the way a few of you have been doing is not the right way to go about venting. Not only is it a very immature way to inform others of you dissatisfaction, it also discredits you. When you word things certain ways it just sounds as though you are personally mad about something and not upset at the service, cost, ect. If you know nothing about a business or what certain things take to do and the costs please do yourselves and the business in question a huge favor and do some research. There is being upset and venting and being upset and slandering. Slandering is usually not the right way to go about it. Maybe we could all work on that when informing others about our experiences with companies. You know, try to remain calm and not rant on like a bunch of ignorant people who do not know any decent words to use while posting. Looks very bad, and is not at all helpful to people who will read it trying to get pros and cons on a company. Most of the time it just looks like angry people who are mad because the world treats them so unfairly. Example: KISS MY A$$..... That is a very personal way of showing anger. Better headline: My experience with.... Sorry for using yours Reeses, it was the most current. This thread is not at all aimed at soley you and your post. It just happens yours was the most recent one. 

meme --- 8 years ago -

I agree with you Mmiley 100% You put it so well. 

JustJack --- 8 years ago -

It sounds to me like maybe this is all the same person. Maybe with different emails? Maybe trying to set this couple or even just one of the business for failure. Maybe they didn't like a price, maybe they feel like they stole an idea? All the accusations on the same people sounds fishy to me. 

Hyperbole --- 8 years ago -

Thank you for the post Smiley. It is appreciated more than you know. Just Jack- it sounds like you are on to something there. I am beginning to see it your way. I am pretty good at moving beyond, but this is getting old. My husband is a hard working man who, in my opinion, provides excellent work ethics, skills, and customer service at an even better price. He is ambitious, amusing, and a bit high strung...but he has established Semper Fi Construction from the ground up and has created a very well known and well recommended name for himself in Lawton and surrounding areas. I will not allow some petty woman to ruin what he has worked so hard to accomplish all because she wants a roll in the hay. Not going to happy. While Sophisticated Sweets is a supplementary for me at the moment it is still my baby. I wish people would be more mature about things but all in all...I'll stand up against the crap for my husband over my own any day. I won't take this bull laying down!! Now excuse me while I step off my soap box! 

mommyof2 --- 8 years ago -

brooke, i looked at reeses history for what she had written about in the past...well, remember when i posted the "need a cake fast"? i copied and pasted something she had said in that thread. i wish we knew she was shady, b/c she obviously took can tell just by the comment below... LAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna egg on the cake drama but this b a no go me thinks. Sounds like ur a swell person Brook! But how can you tell who is needy n who aint? I mean. Some rich person could be lying or something. Or some welfare drugg dealer or something. 

smiley --- 8 years ago -

You are welcome Brooke =) I know most of the people that post on here have a clue as to what happens on this site, and know that it gets personal for one reason or another. However I am also sure there are probably people that either just join, or browse every once in a while, and hopefully they will quickly realize not to base decisions soley on what they read on here. 

Sharon --- 8 years ago -

smiley, I totally agree, someone new may think Holy $hit. But if they read on or read through different threads they will realize we all agree on somethings somewhere on here, usually lol. I have stuck up for people on some threads and totally disagreed with them on others. It all depends on personal feelings and thoughts on what is being talked about. 

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