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Need 3 year old schooling ?

who's talking here?

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SSGTARMYWIFE. --- 8 years ago -

Im looking to put my daughter into a public free school system in Auge . she will be 4 in Oct and wont make it into school this year , any one know any programs besides Hourly care, I am looking for a public Free thing for her to attend the school year ??? Thanks 

Savannah --- 8 years ago -

Sorry I have no clue. Hope you find one though. 

GeorgiaGirl --- 8 years ago -

Um there are no pre k programs for 3 year old children i am aware of she will miss the cut off date of all programs that I know of. Though I know of a few great programs that you pay for 

Krystal --- 8 years ago -

I think 3 year olds can go to Head Start...not positive. It would only be half a day though because shes not old enough for pre-k. 

SSGTARMYWIFE. --- 8 years ago -

okay does the head start program matter about income base ? or is it free for 3 year olds? I know she wont make the school this year . But Im not trying to pay all that money per week for her to go to DayCare either . so I was just looking to see if there was any programs that any one knew of. 

GeorgiaGirl --- 8 years ago -

WOW just WOW so this post isnt about her education but about mommy getting FREE daycare!!!!!! 

Victoria1 --- 8 years ago -

my daughter also missed the pre-k cut off by 2 weeks...BUT, her daycare they do their own "school" programs...either way, ur gonna have to pay for their care. 

SSGTARMYWIFE. --- 8 years ago -

oh .. I guess.. well I guess I will be waiting a whole year .. sucks for me lol 

SSGTARMYWIFE. --- 8 years ago -

* poor georgia girl always gotta open your big fat mouth to some one she does not know * you must want attention that bad and you judge people you dont even know ... wow ... you are a real some one huh ? well thanks for the advise :) other people 

SSGTARMYWIFE. --- 8 years ago -

Free day care ? um , not really , Im looking to put my daughter into a SCHOOL system like my SON is in NOW so I would not have to PAY alot of MONEY you dumb cunt 

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