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I joined this crazy place on 2010-01-23, 13 years ago.

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So Why is it so hard for someone to say its PPU or SOLD ? - 11 years ago

sometimes the responses i get from ppl i want to buy from end up in my spam and alot of times i wont even see it..its happened to me twice :/

find a great site to check on crime - 11 years ago

i went on there and also have the app for my phone...its actually pretty also lists sex offenders in the area also...also the app gasbuddy lists all the gas prices for different stores in tow...

dog groomers? - 11 years ago

i take my dogs to Fresh Pet Grooming on gore Blvd...they do a really good job..i have 2 small dogs but i get them cut, nails clipped, ears and glands done as well. For both my dogs is 70.00 but if u a...


im not sure...i think it might have gotten shut down...i think they should have at least left it open as a landmark...i would see it all the time and seeing the picture of the kids inside the window w...

Dog Boarding? - 12 years ago

**they also advertised about their new kennels for larger dogs so they might be able to help u also

Dog Boarding? - 12 years ago

i know meadow wood animal hospital has pet kennels but im not sure on their prices. they have two locations: 4105 West Gore Blvd Lawton, Oklahoma 73505 Phone: 580-353-0344 6731 Cache Road ...

How come other bookoo's are open Sunday but this one is not? - 12 years ago

Tish...yes if u have an iphone u can still get on Sundays...i'm not sure about the buying/selling part but i could only access the underground part..that was through my browser...idk if they have an a...

Moving to OK!! - 12 years ago

good luck with ur move and have a safe holiday

Sheridan Road Vet Clinic - 12 years ago

both my dogs got fixed and vaccinated at the Animal Birth Control Clinic...ive never had a problem with them and they're prices were very good. i go every year for my pets vaccinations as well.

To the mean non pregnant lady at the commissary today> - 12 years ago

settle this? what is there to settle? All this because of a vent on a parking spot? everything was fine until u threw the first stone and started in on these girls...were u expecting them to sit back ...

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