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Would you like to Zumba?!

who's talking here?

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Pr3c!05@ --- 12 years ago -

I was trilled to find out they had Zumba classes at Reinhart Gym on post. I will be taking them starting tomorrow Mom-Wed_Fri from 1030 to 1130 and I'd like to know if anyone is interested in taking the classes too. These are the kind of classes where the more the merrier! Have fun and lear latin dances all while working out and burning calories! Doesn't it sound fun?

I'm so excited! (^^) 

Virginia --- 12 years ago -

do u have a night class? If they do I'll join you... 

Kells --- 12 years ago -

I would love to Zumba but I can only do it in the evenings... 

JackieArriaga --- 12 years ago -

same here...Im army so night classes is my only option 

Danniella --- 12 years ago -

I think that's one that my friend is teaching, it's really awesome. I definately recommend it! I thought it was an evening class though. 

JackieArriaga --- 12 years ago -

I was told today at the dentist office that they had a Mon. Wed. and Sat class that is in the evenings but i didn't get a chance to ask where it was 

brit --- 12 years ago -

if you guys find out what time in the evenings I am soo there! 

terri --- 12 years ago -

zumba at trienhart m-w-f- at 6-7pm and sat at goldner at 1030 am:) they do have morning classes not sure of the time... its a blast!! 

Pr3c!05@ --- 12 years ago -

They have morning classes M-W-F @ 1030 Sat @ 10 too. The morning class is only 45 mins and at a slower pace than the evening class. 

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