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I joined this crazy place on 2010-06-14, 12 years ago.

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DIRECTV OR DISH? - 11 years ago

Oh, it was 50-ish but went up after the 1 year. I'm signed on for 2...... sadly.

DIRECTV OR DISH? - 11 years ago

I have direct TV and its fine. The customer service is really not good though! IMO. Lets see... I have 1 Dvr, 1 HD reciever, and 1 nothing special reciever. I pay I think $5 insurance or whatever on e...

list & rate your sellers/buyers here - 11 years ago

Oh! I didnt know that! LOL! well...... pretend you didnt see this post. haha.

list & rate your sellers/buyers here - 11 years ago

I notice everyone wanting a list: why not make one right here. I don't buy things often at all but here is a start! Post people you have bought from or sold to and not just the bad! List if the met on...

Don't want to offend anyone.... - 11 years ago

or free... i dont know. he might do it just becuause he doesnt have anyting else to do.

Don't want to offend anyone.... - 11 years ago

My husband can set your pictures up however you want, put the collage on a CD, and you can take it to walmart and print it and pay for the print. I am sure my husband would do it for like... $10 dolla...

Childcare - 11 years ago

welcome! Good luck!

Childcare - 11 years ago

I can relate to you. I have been going to LOTS of daycares here in lawton to find Daycare for my 18 month old. He's been a mommas boy since he was born and has never satyed with anyone besides me for ...

Area Dentists? - 11 years ago

Ocean dental doesnt see anyone over the age of 21 I dont think... I may be wrong though. But I went when I was younger and really liked it. Tv's on the ceiling and glasses to help block the light.

Fins & Critters - 11 years ago

I actually I bought my first chihuahua from M&M pet shop in may 2009, still have him and he was and still is perfectly healthy. They get their chihuahuas from local breeders. I have my chiahuas papers...

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