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Moving to Sill in August from Ft Riley

who's talking here?

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Lesilie --- 8 years ago -

first of all I'm a paranoid helicopter mom! LOL I have read online that you can't go to the mall without getting assaulted and raped, It's not safe to take your kids to the park because of the gang problem in Lawton, you should move to the east side of town(east side of what? East is relative to where your standing)schools suck butt bad, I'M TERRIFIED we're moving to hell in oklahoma!I have a 5 year old starting Kindergarten in aug. and a one year old. My daughters not an idiot so I don't want her going to a lousy school and I don't want to be afraid of getting killed and raped in front of my son going to it that bad or is it just relative to who's telling the story? Thank you so much! My hubbys tired of hearing my paranoid rants...LOL Thanks-
P.s. we're civilians moving not military so we don't get to live on post. 

TexasChild~2 --- 8 years ago -

It's not THAT extreme. No I don't think its awesome, I grew up here, moved to San Antonio when I was 15 & then moved back when I was 23. Long story short 'you can never go home again' and we are moving back next summer. Your best bet is one of the smaller towns surrounding Lawton, I would suggest Chatty, but gooood luck on finding a house out there, they are NOT expanding. I would'nt suggest Cache, it use to be really nice but the drugs have migrated out there now. The mall isn't a problem, it's annoying as hell to me because the little teens have NOTHING better to do than just walk around at the mall all day & get in my way....anyways good luck, we're gettin the hell outta here as soon as our 4yr old is done w/ the school year, by the way, she's going to Chatty. Thats another thing is you don't have to live out there for your kid to go there. 

brit --- 8 years ago -

Yes while lawton is bad, its more about what part of town you live on. When I lived by the old walmart, I could go to walmart at 11 or 12 pm for some emergency tylonal and not have any problems. I know I did that a few times while I was pregnant and had my husband with me. Usually the weirdo's don't bother you. The school on fort sill I think take kindergarden to like... 4 or 5 or 6th grade. I am not sure exactly. So she will be safe on fort sill. There are parks all over lawton, some are safe, some are not suggested even though they are there. But be on the look out for needles by bridges or the waters edge. I used to see them at liberty park all the time. But it's been awhile since I have been running over there, but that's just to know. Chatty is short for Chattanooga. There is also Elgin, if you can find a house without having to buy one. They are by a major highway and are growing in size. The school systems are excellent. When I was in gradeschool there, I know they had the best education in the state. So, lawton is not that bad. lol. Sometimes it's what you make it. I personally, would much rather live in Elgin. Quiet, friendly, small growing town with great schools. Good luck! 

Sharon --- 8 years ago -

I live on post, so dont always know of all the bad, but every place is what you make of it. Lawton has its ups and downs. I come from a suburb of Minneapolis MN. It is not as bad as there, so its not horrible. What is suggested is if you give bad an opportunity is it will happen. Lock your doors, cars, dont malinger out late. Now that being said, yes I have been to wal mart late at night and jsut like anywhere else in the world, you ahve the good, the bad and the ugly. Have seen breakins, heard about the gangs, rapes, murders. But you hear of that everywhere. You see it everywhere. I dont mind it here, have been here 3+ years. I have my HS son open enrolled in Elgin adn I drive him back and forth. I hated the lawton high school, but it is what it is. 

Beth --- 8 years ago -

Lawton is not that bad!I have been to the mall and I have NEVER had a problem! My daughter attends a wonderful school , Whitter Elementary she just completed 1st grade last yr, the teachers are wonderful and so caring and they have very small classes! To me anyway, we used to live in Cali.There are bad people and gangs everywhere in the world now, and bad things can happen to anyone , anywhere. But Lawton is not as bad as some people make it out to be! Just surround yourself with good people :-) We have been here for a lil over a year! 

Krystal --- 8 years ago -

I agree. It is what you make it. Like Brit said too Elgin is a good place if you can find anything. We just recently bought a house here and the school system is excellent, it always has been. 

Lesilie --- 8 years ago -

Thanks so much for all the advice, I appreciate it. I'm just such a worry wart in the first place and then I had my kids and I think it's made it 10 times worse!! LOL 

Sarah --- 8 years ago -

I have lived here all my life, I have 3 kids. 2 are in school. Hugh Bish Elem. It depends on the neighborhood that you live in. You get what you pay for. I have a park right outside my front door. My oldest 2 go out and play with our neighbors all the time. and we have no problems. The mall is down town and there have been issues there around closing time, or after. but that was several years ago. We do have gangs and drugs but what town (of this size) doesnt? I really do not know why Lawton has such a bad rep. Stuff happens yes, but not every day, like big cities. When you come, if you live off post, drive through the neighborhood. then drive through it again at night to see what it is like before youget the place. I can help you on where to stay away from. 

jana --- 8 years ago -

i have been here for almost two years now and came from germany. I heard all those things too and although i dont really like it here, its really not as bad as people say. Yea there is alot of gangs and crime going on but really i never noticed anything myself. Only through newspaper and all that. Im not afraid to go to the mall or places alone with my kids. Never got into anything. Oh and by the way my friend is stationed in riley too and lives in manhattan. At first she also told me all the bad things people where talking bout the riley area but now she says its completely fine. its also not the greatest place to be but its ok. So yea dont be too stressed out about what you hear cuz its really not all that bad. Hope this helps;-) 

ShayBaby --- 8 years ago -

Lawton isn't that bad. What they say when they say the East side of town is that the town is broken up into North East, South East, North West, and South West. I currently live on the NE side of town and I love it over here, but I'm moving to the NW side of town in a couple of weeks. What I was told when we got here and what we have found for the most part is that the dead center of town from 11th to 52nd street tends to be more run down and just not a good idea now don't get me wrong there are some amazing places in that area but as a general over view I wouldn't live in that area but there are some that I would live you just have to look for example if your renting a house that's all bills paid free internet and it's a 5 bedroom 3 bath and they only want 400 a month for it, I'd safely say it's probably not a good place to live lol. You really just need to drive around the place. Now I'm 8 months pregnant so I don't know a lot about the schools but I do know that MacArthur high school and middle school seem to be VERY nice and I also know that Crosby Park is an award winning elementary school.

As for the mall at a certain time in the mall it's family time and if you are not over the age of 18 and with an adult you have to leave. I know there use to be a lot of problems there but I personally haven't heard anything bad in a while but I know it usually happened(s) in the parking lot when kids have nothing better to do with their time. As for the walmart there are 2 here. One on Sheridan and one on 67th street. The Sheridan one is the old walmart and yes I've been there before by myself late at night but to be honest I'd rather drive from my house on the east side (WAY out on the east side) to the 67th street one if I need something in the middle of the night for many reasons. Yes it's newer, nicer, and I do feel safer there at night but in general I just like that walmart better.

But overall you will be fine I mean you said you have kids and a husband so to me it seems a little unlikely that you will be going to a nightly stroll at midnight on the south side of town through a park. I mean if you go to a park one day and it creeps you out go to another the next day. You'll be fine though I really wouldn't worry about it. As long as you have common sense when it comes to getting a house you'll be fine but like someone else said you will get what you pay for...good luck! 

Lesilie --- 8 years ago -

Thanks so much, you guys are really making me feel better about this move. I appreciate it. Really! I do. :-) 

brit --- 8 years ago -

Definantly the one on 67th is the MUCH better walmart. There are 3 walgreens that I knowof and 1 CVS, I prefer to use them over walmart sometimes. lol. Macarthur is for sure the better of the chools, in fact, everything out that direction is really nice. And right behind comanche memorial are some amazing houses. I think that's in the eisenhower district though. I live within that district but when my son starts school, he will be going to the christian academy outside of lawton, and when he gets to middle and High school, eve if we still live in Lawton, I'll be getting my butt up at 5:30 every morning to drive my baby to Elgin. lol 

Kells --- 8 years ago -

I don't think Lawton is THAT bad. I moved here from Hawaii in 08 and my husband and I read pretty much the same info online. I live on the NW part of town and it's great. I'm about 4 miles to the newer Walmart and close to post. Takes my husband 10 to get to work and 15 for me. Just depends on what gate you need. I haven't been effected by any crime since i've been here and haven't seen any first hand. It's nice b/c OKC and Wichita Falls are not too far. I'm originally from TX so it works out great. 

Kells --- 8 years ago -

I don't think Lawton is THAT bad. I moved here from Hawaii in 08 and my husband and I read pretty much the same info online. I live on the NW part of town and it's great. I'm about 4 miles to the newer Walmart and close to post. Takes my husband 10 to get to work and 15 for me. Just depends on what gate you need. I haven't been effected by any crime since i've been here and haven't seen any first hand. It's nice b/c OKC and Wichita Falls are not too far. I'm originally from TX so it works out great. 

Lesilie --- 8 years ago -


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