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Anybody know this dog flipper?

who's talking here?

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Ugh --- 12 years ago -

These people are disgusting...

johnswife from marlow. She has a small 4lb yorkie as her latest for $400.

Do these people not know that in the prohibited list it says

•Puppy sales are forbidden. We recognize that pets need homes, and thus we allow individual adoption postings for under $100 for non-puppies. Anything else that may have the appearance otherwise will likely be flagged and removed. Additionally, stud services are prohibited. All animal sales are forbidden on military bases/posts (it's illegal). The breeding and raising of pets on Government property for the express purpose of profit is prohibited. All pet listings must have prices.

So here is where it's disgusting if you go to johnswife's profile she says she is looking for a small house dog and can pay $50. She also lists her phone number so I will too... 580-574-5098

She has 5 listings all for... you guessed it... small house dogs for sale.



Al --- 12 years ago -

What I noticed is that people around here buy/sell pets like they are a piece of furniture or accessory. Why purchase something that you fully know you cannot afford or take care of and ALSO know you do not intend to keep because deployment, a move or a new baby. Animals are living beings with feelings and OBVIOUS needs. Common sense people. 

Sweet --- 12 years ago -

that is a scam we get every now and then and they have some really cool pets this pic has been ran before w a scam 

DANNY --- 12 years ago -

580-574-5089 you got the number mixed up hun and another email for her is if you run this number she has well around 15 ads running on wanted horses, snauzers,yorkies,poms,maltese she is in the big time

lets take her down ladies 

DANNY --- 12 years ago -

705 N 2nd St, Marlow, OK 73055

is the address for her and its public record so here ya go

also another phone number with more ads all over the web 580-641-6482 or 580-756-4433 this is 3 numbers for her now and several ads under each number google them 

DANNY --- 12 years ago -

and for some reason she is running another email under 

Ugh --- 12 years ago -

Thanks for the correction Danny.
Maybe we should make a 'Known Dog Flipper' topic like that rating topic on here.

And in case you wander on over here Mrs. Whoever's wife you are this week... I told you I would tell everyone. 

MaryJane --- 12 years ago -

What?! Another one?! Geezz!

Hey DANNY, we could really use your investigative skills where I work! :p 

DANNY --- 12 years ago -

Hey MaryJane I could really use an extra income LOL 

Penelope --- 12 years ago -

LOL...Sorry just had to share that Danny really made me laugh. Thanks 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

I had never heard of dog flipping until I moved here. not to say it's only here but is it worse here? And why isn't this illegal? 

Sweet --- 12 years ago -

It kinda is if they dont have permits to sell these dogs and to not have their dogs fixed plus every dog u buy u r supposed to get a permit

so if they aren't doing that then they should be fined but not sure how to go about letting the right ppl in on this to stop the flipping 

Sharon --- 12 years ago -

Partly the reason they ahve so many phone numbes and emails. They have to try to keep them selves not so obvious. It takes a lot of time and money to catch these people, but if you ask me, the state shoudl just hire Danny to do it for them lol she loves it(it appears) and is great at it!! 

DANNY --- 12 years ago -

I do enjoy it very very much and like I have stated before I could really use the extra income,so hire me lol but for the time being I am free of charge for my sill friends :) 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

Well I found the prohibited list and sure enough it does say what is quoted so I went through and flagged every animal ad that was out of compliance b/c it is sick and it's my way of starting to put an end to this on here. I encourage each of you to do the same.

As I understand the rule it's that no puppies can be sold AT ALL. to me a puppy is everything under a year. And that any other animal can not be sold for more than $100 and that all animal ads must have a price... not "Just Ask".

Hate away breeders and flippers, I'll still flag ya! 

Bologna --- 12 years ago -

I think I've met you Glenna. Is your last name Thurman? 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

@Bologna, My last name isn't Thurman. Is your first and middle name Oscar Meyer?

hehehe... sorry, I have a terrible sense of humor. My husband is rubbing off on me.

What made you think we'd met? 

Bologna --- 12 years ago -

Why yes my first name is Oscar and last name Mayer. I meet alot of people in the coldcut section. Thought you might have been one of those fans ROFLMAO!! 

Sweet --- 12 years ago -

ok has anyone talked to the person with the pug puppy

I did jsut making a comment that the puppy was to little to be selling he said, "it was only 5wks and already
eatting dog food" such small dogs like that need to stay w/ mom at the least 8 weeks if not longer since they are so small 

Beth --- 12 years ago -

o my goodness!!! what is wrong with people trying to sell animals when they are not ready yet!! poor baby!! she still needs her mommy for a few more weeks!! 

Sweet --- 12 years ago -

i was thinking about calling my vet to see what she thought about it 

a1816343uu --- 12 years ago -

Cought At It Agin ! Dont buy mutts for $250 (

Date: 2010-12-29, 11:40AM MST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


those puppies were just posted yesterday on craigslist for $20 as mixes, not even with yorkie in there bloodline.

top two pictures are of the puppies for sale for $20
bottom two pictures are of puppies for sale for $100 & $250



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