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I joined this crazy place on 2010-07-26, 13 years ago.

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Officer Housing - 11 years ago

We leave in 3 days and can't wait! I try to be that person that makes the best of things but I couldn't make much of anything good of this place. Enjoy the refuge (probably the best place here) in s...

I hate to do it, but... - 11 years ago

ok, so I'm the biggest wuss about the dentist. To give you an idea of how bad it is, I need tens of thousands of dollars of work on my teeth b/c I went so long - seriously! (for the record, I brush a...

Drinking and Driving - 11 years ago

Bumping this b/c today marks 3 years since my best friend was killed by a drunk driver. It still hurts, nothing is 'better'. I doubt it will ever be. but I will keep trying to spread her story and ...

Dish/Direct tv?? - 11 years ago

We have Dish and haven't had problems with the winds. I only remember it going out from storms twice since we've been here, almost 2 years. Of course, that's about all the storms we've had in those ...

need your opinion.... - 11 years ago

Well, it's no wonder that you have such problems with alcohol! I've been working to not see alcohol as the bad thing. Kinda like the whole 'guns don't kill people'. As you and I both know first han...

need your opinion.... - 11 years ago

For me, it would depend on how he is when he's drinking. My mom was a depressed drinker and then a mean drunk. I hated living with her, and she was only mean to me. I hated hearing the sound of a c...

PCSing to Sill... - 12 years ago

We have a little more than 2 months and we can't wait to get as far away as possible! Horrible housing for way too much, rude, inconsiderate people, dirty, HOT, boring... I could keep going but I'm g...

Good dentist? - 12 years ago

none of them are good. They are all evil and sadistic. that said, I have seen Dr. Jackson (Michael Jackson - no joke)but he didn't do any work, just an evaluation. I went to him b/c he's a sedation...


well, they kind of did. One of the admins posted in an earlier thread that they were changing providers. And for a good day or two there was funny message across the top of sys that they were having...

pest control...... - 12 years ago

I started that with my husband during his deployments. Spiders and scorpions in boots were common so I would send him knee-highs to put over the tops of his boots. I was worried he might catch crap ...

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