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brit 1

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brit --- 8 years ago -

Hi, I am starting a post on what everyone does on their weekends off that keeps them entertained and from going out and spending their pay checks. To introduce myself, I am a stay at home mom and I get sick to death of being home so much. When hubby comes home we walk around walmart for awhile on week days that I dont have my long class (student at Cameron). Today 12-3-10 Hubby, babyson and myself went and walked at the mall, and then went to look at the christmas at Elmer thomas and made a small donation.
I am doing this post to hopefully get an idea of things I can do during the day (with it being winter-ish now), and weekends to pass time, have entertainement and refrain from going and buying a bunch of un neccessary (sp) things that I want and do not need.
I am interested in seeing what everyone does and any advice is helpful too because I am 19, my baby is 13 months, in school, stay home with him during the day, hubby is 22 and we got married relatively younger. 9have been married for almost 2 years), and we are not military but my parents are. 

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