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Dog Boarding?

who's talking here?

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Danniella --- 12 years ago -

Does anyone know of a good place to board large dogs? Also an idea of pricing?

I'm going to have to board my two lab/rott mix dogs for a little over a week next month and want to find a decent place. I have one dog who is mildly agressive with certain people also so that may limit my choices.
I could really use any help/advice chosing a place, thanks. 

a1816343uu --- 12 years ago -

Good luck i tryed that once after 9 monthes with out bringing food or chacking on hem i took hem to the pound so no more for me . 

Leslie --- 12 years ago -

a1816343uu.. What does that have to do with what she said.. Also it was pretty hard reading and understanding what you said but I think i may have figured out the jist of it 

soldrswife --- 12 years ago -

I would also like to see some recommendations since we are moving to Sill next weekend and we might need to find a border depending on how long it takes to find a place to live :-) 

Victoria1 --- 12 years ago -

i know meadow wood animal hospital has pet kennels but im not sure on their prices. they have two locations:

4105 West Gore Blvd
Lawton, Oklahoma 73505
Phone: 580-353-0344

6731 Cache Road
Lawton, Oklahoma 73505
Phone: 580-536-5755

i'm thinking of going with them this summer when my daughter and i go on vacation...ive got two small dogs that have to be together or one gets sad/lonely without the other...its depressing lol...if u call them, let us know what they said on the prices! 

Victoria1 --- 12 years ago -

**they also advertised about their new kennels for larger dogs so they might be able to help u also 

Danniella --- 12 years ago -

Thanks I'll check them out
Maybe the first comment lady though I was trying to board other peoples dogs? that's the only thing that makes sense, or that she used to board until someone abandoned their dog. 

Sharon --- 12 years ago -

There is also Deyo Mission kennels and Clemmer which has been around Lawton for ages and I have heard nothing but excellent things about them. I have bought and sold with Deyo before and they have a great set up. Out past the Good Year plant if they are still in business. 

Danniella --- 12 years ago -

ok i called around. meadowood will charge me about 160/dog for 11 days. the only other place i could get ahold of that's not full is out in medicine park. Little L kennel (580-492-4702) they charge 8/day per dog. so i'm going to check them our and see the facility. she sounded very nice. I couldn't find a # for deyo. 

a1816343uu --- 12 years ago -

email she will whatch it flip it lol for you 

Danniella --- 12 years ago -

So we chose Little L Kennels. My husband just dropped the dogs off. They have and indoor outdoor run/house for the dogs. So they aren't cooped up or freezing. They even provide the food for the dogs (and have several typse). That was a suprise for me since it's so cheap to begin with. They also had two covered runs, which is important since my dogs can jump 6' fences with ease. Over all I'm betting we will be using this kennel as long as we are here. Really great people 

Sharon --- 12 years ago -

let me know how you like it when you get them back, I need somewhere for my dog to go soon for an overnight, but because I cant pick up until late saturday I will probably be stuck leaving her there until Monday morning. 

MacKinnon --- 12 years ago -

Deyo Mission is amazing. They are our first choice for kennels. 

Danniella --- 12 years ago -

U should post the Deyo kennel's phone number. But I did absolutely love Little L Kennels (580-492-4702). It is a way out there, but very awesome. The dogs loved it and were very well cared for. They got to run around in their individual runs and had a great little house to go into. The owners took extra precautions with our slightly agressive dog to make sure nobody walking by his cage would get bitten (little kids wanting to pet him for example).
It was an extremely clean place, great loving people and awesome for the price.

We will definately board with them anytime that we need to, I'm wishing that I'd known about them before. We'll definately recomend them 

jlgg --- 6 years ago -

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