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krystal11 I wood like to no 1 thang

who's talking here?

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a1816343uu --- 8 years ago -

Did you have bat perments to give pups away to glinna ? glinna do you ? lindsay do you ? do eney of you flippers ? do you ? do this leagealey ? hummm if not that wood fix them hummm eneone thought abought that ? hu old bittys 

Lindsey --- 8 years ago -

do you know how to spell? just a question. i dont need a permit to have 2 pets thank you limit is 3 and that they be fixed and registered in which mine are ! and this lady is the one glenna got the pups for free from and i hope this lady takes glenna down !! 

a2843247uu --- 8 years ago -

LOL what is she going to do sit on me? 

a1816343uu --- 8 years ago -

lindsey you are retarded if she gave sold ether she is the one that gets fined 500 per dog duuuu and you to if you get caught giving any of you`r 25 dollar dogs 500 check in to it aka bat bat perment duuu fleppers are so dumm 

Lindsey --- 8 years ago -

duh my pets are registered with city of lawton thank you so whos retarded now and i only have my pets 

a1816343uu --- 8 years ago -

lindsey you are retarded if she gave sold ether with out bat perment you broke the law you dont you get you are a law braker you flippers are so stuped 

a1816343uu --- 8 years ago -

This sead it best --- lindsey You do relize that your posts/behavior lindsey makes you seem as though you escaped from a psychiatric hospital right? ps thay miss you go home 

a1816343uu --- 8 years ago -

does eneyone see lindsey is the only flepper that don`t get it Lindsay fruit cake taylor just cause some one giveg the old bittys on her to make them you`r pets now dont mean anything you have and alowase be a fruit cake flipper stalker mincis to us all eneyone who has dealt with you noes you threaten them and are physco ask eneyone who has met you 

Leslie --- 8 years ago -

@ a1816343uu-- wow do you know how to spell. seriously your postings make no sense I have no idea what you were trying to say at all and now I have a headache from trying to read and understand what you wrote. Learn how to spell and proof read dont just send after youve finished writing your thoughts.. 

Leslie --- 8 years ago -

Also I think this last person I just wrote about is either glenna or thurman, because the misspelled words are just rediculous in one instance she spells them right and then later wrong. Its someone trying hard to pretend to be someone else. Its pathetic coming on here and pretending to be 2 different people. it really is 

a1816343uu --- 8 years ago -

or thay have 2 pc and 1 has spell chack duu a nother old bitty and i trouley do not gine a ratts a44 what eney old bitty on here thanks ps i hope i runed you`r day 

tish --- 8 years ago -

whats a bitty? 

Sharon --- 8 years ago -

LOL Tish, you had to keep it going ;) I think of a bitty as a nag or nosey, gossipy, not sure how they are using it, but that is my perception of how they are using the term. Not saying I think that way fo this person, just how I perceive the term. 

Leslie --- 8 years ago -

You can never ruin my day sweety. I just feel bad for you, your a grown women and my daughter can spell better than you. No wonder why your always on here cause you cant possibly have a job. Your a ignorant morone. Im not sure what to call you glenna or lindsy but I guess I can always settle for and by the way it looks like its you day thats ruined not anyone esles on 

Leslie --- 8 years ago -

I am not sure what the old bitty means because when I looke up the word thsi is what it said...

extremely small in size or physical stature

I think shes using this word with her own personal meaning to it or maybe in lawton people use this word to mean something other than what the dictionary states.. not really sure 

LoveMYLife --- 8 years ago -

bitty [ˈbɪtɪ]
adj -tier, -tiest
1. lacking unity; disjointed
2. containing bits, sediment, etc
bittiness n

bit·ty (bt)
adj. bit·ti·er, bit·ti·est
1. Informal Tiny. Often used in combination: a little bitty baby.
2. Chiefly British Composed of small segments lacking cohesion; fragmented: 

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