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Grocery discount

who's talking here?

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soldrswife --- 8 years ago -

Is there a grocery discount store here in
Lawton like an Aldi's or Savers? 

Meghann --- 8 years ago -

I have no idea wish I knew we just moved here for Fort Lewis all I know is you can get a few cheap grocery items from Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Big Lots but thats mostly dry and canned goods! 

The most hated person on lu --- 8 years ago -

How long were you at lewis? 

Bridget --- 8 years ago -

there is a save a lot,its almost like aldi
located on 11th street,one block south of gore blvd.
hope that helps :) 

soldrswife --- 8 years ago -

I'll be sure to try it! Thanks! 

Meghann --- 8 years ago -

@ East Coast Girl a 2 1/2 years! 

tish --- 8 years ago -

what is aldi, i've seen them in okc. 

Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

ooh I'm interested in finding out too! Our grocery budget is out of control! 

soldrswife --- 8 years ago -

I checked out Save A Lot and they were pretty good on their prices thanks Bridget! @Tish Aldi's is a grocery discount store. They have off brands and are way cheap compared to Walmart and other major Grocery stores. @Time killshearts check out Save A Lot it's pretty good! Just keep in mind like Aldi's you have to bag your own groceries. 

Bridget --- 8 years ago -

ur welcome :) 

Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

Oh I know what Save a Lot is! I thought they were only in Florida and Alabama! That's awesome! I'll be sure to check it out next paycheck! 

FELICIA --- 8 years ago -

I look for cheap grocery shopping all the time really the best places are walmart,save a lot, commissary! Aldi might have a couple of things cheap but really they r over priced. N yah big lots sometimes is good. Hope that helps 

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