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who's talking here?

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LoveMYLife --- 9 years ago -

I was wondering if anyone could tell me a few good daycares to look at. Aswell as the prices if you have them. 

a3427437uu --- 9 years ago -

yes...fins and critters lol
just thought i jump into ur blogg,since u made mine ur biz lol
but on the serious side,DHS has a list with providers.
how old is ur little one ?
kae dee daycare is great,but ur child has to be potty trained :)
hope that helps :) 

LoveMYLife --- 9 years ago -

My biz? Really? How can I make a public thread my biz? What is biz? 

brit --- 9 years ago -

I can relate to you. I have been going to LOTS of daycares here in lawton to find Daycare for my 18 month old. He's been a mommas boy since he was born and has never satyed with anyone besides me for more than 3 hours. Not even my husband. But I'm starting school full time...
So I looked into Playcare Inc (Smart Start) it has 3 branches, I went to all 3 and wasn't satisfied. My reasons: Main one on gore, the younger toddlers out door play area is facing the main road. Some idiot could jump the curb and drive straight through and hurt the babies! The next branch is on Ferris and it was pretty good but the second set of doors face the main road and they ar not kept locked during the day, and ironically thats the room my son would have stayed in, and when I did a walk through, I was told the toddlers hold a rope and walk out the door facing the road and walk to the side of the building to the play area on the side. And my 18 month old is just learning speach so of course he's not going to hold the rope the entire time. And the one off 53rd is inside what used to be a school.. its just too big for my taste and the kids were being way way too close to my baby, which is to be expected but they were much bigger than him and were shoving and stuff. And that was the room he was going to be in. Their rate was 165 a week full time.
I went to kindercastle on Gore, and I loved it! they have 2 doors in front, and the only door you can walk in is locked until you walk up to it and the ownder of kindercastle sits in the front and presses a button to unlock the door, ID's everyone that you authorize to pick up your child, even if you've been in a thousand times. They have cameras in each age area an in the play areas and parking lot so if you want to check on your child, and hes a cliingy one who will freak out when he sees you, you can see him in the camera. Which I loved cause mines a clingy one! and yes the 2nd door is facing the main road and you have to go out that door to get to the play area but when you walk out the door there is a tall iron fence that keeps babies from running off and having to be chased down.and that fence goes all the way to the play area. And the play area has 2 areas. One for larger kids and another for smaller kids, (like mine). And the whole play area is privacy fenced off. and there is an iron fence seperating the bigger kids play area form the smaller kids play area. The lady Mrs Maria I believe, has her mother and mother in law employed with her (if I remember correctly). mrs maria said 'we have gramas working because evesy child loves grandparents' something along those lines. But they are not old ladys. Their rates are better the smart start.
0-12 mo. $31day, $155week, $629month
12-24mo. $29day, $140wk, $564month
2-3yr. $26day, $125wk, $499month
4-5yr. $21day, $115wk, $455month
they only take full time. 3 days min 4 hrs min. 6am-7-30pm. 580-248-4244
If I go to more I'll put what I do and dont like about them. But I probably wont cause im completely sold on this one. 

LoveMYLife --- 9 years ago -

thanks I will have to check them out 

brit --- 9 years ago -

welcome! Good luck! 

Deborah --- 9 years ago -

Little Lambs on Sheridan on the way to Fort Sill, across from Pusan restaurant, is brand new and beautiful! Check it out! 

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