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anyone recieve rude emails about your posts?

who's talking here?

brit 1
Timekillshearts 1

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brit --- 9 years ago -

I have a couple of posts up, and one is my post about my husbands macbook laptop. I guess what I wrote in my post isnt up to someones expectations and even though I did ask a high price, I put OBO next to it, and even said I dont expect the full asking price considering the things that are wrong with the computer. I guess he/she didnt read all my post and jumped the gun. They said:

"Then why play games asking 450 and then do some research on one like it? and just say your firm price? sheesh..... or take bids or obo...duh you people...! also people likepics right off bat pics help you sell...buyers are visual....just a hint on selling...been doing it for years. Dont get long winded on explaining its problems. Just put it up front...then say what you will take for it out and out."

But yea, that was a little rude in my opinion. Please read peoples posts fully before you start making remarks and unless you have some interest in the item, dont bother with emailing about it. 

Timekillshearts --- 9 years ago -

I've gotten some rude emails before. A few different ones. Most times I just ignore them. Just ignore them! Do what you do! Good Luck! Over all Bookoo is pretty awesome, so it's worth it, despite the few people who make you want to give up somteims. =] 

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