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dog groomers?

who's talking here?

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MacKinnon --- 7 years ago -

I have three dogs that I need groomed (all labs) because I just don't have the time to do it myself this month. Can anyone give me the name of a place that does it for a relatively low price in town? 

Kristina --- 7 years ago -

I like Ashley's grooming off of cache rd. They are really nice and good with the animals. My dog does not require grooming, I only take her to get her nails clipped but they only charge $3 for nail clipping. Petsmart used to charge ten dollars for the same thing. 

Victoria1 --- 7 years ago -

i take my dogs to Fresh Pet Grooming on gore Blvd...they do a really good job..i have 2 small dogs but i get them cut, nails clipped, ears and glands done as well. For both my dogs is 70.00 but if u aren't getting all that done just basics, i'm pretty sure the price is much lower. They also require proof of shot records also. i guess ur best bet is to probably call a few places and let them know what u are needing done and then compare prices. Some places may price by the size of the dog also. 

Sharon --- 7 years ago -

We go to Red Roof off of 11th right by the rail road tracks. I love the ladies there. 

StormGirl --- 7 years ago -

My family friend owns Red Roof Dog Groomer on F Ave...her prices are good as is the jobs she does! Ive known her for years and she is wonderful! Her name is Ronell...tell her Beth sent you! :-) 

a3427437uu --- 7 years ago -

I love Ashleys Grooming !!!
We been going there for almost 5 years now and NOT once did they disappoint me !!! if u want quality dog grooming at a reasonable price go there !!!! 

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