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Coupon Blog for Lawton

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Glenna --- 11 years ago -

I started a blog with all the coupons that come in the paper on Sunday. I take the coupons to the stores (so far I've hit Walmart and Country Mart) and then list the prices so you can easily see where the best deals are. Please visit, comment and most importantly share! I'm testing it out over the next few weeks to see what kind of response I get and if it's worth keeping up.

here is the link 

Deborah --- 11 years ago -

Thank you!! 

Glenna --- 11 years ago -

You're welcome. Please email a link to all your friends here so we can help each other! 

Timekillshearts --- 11 years ago -

AWESOME! Thank you! 

Timekillshearts --- 11 years ago -

Question! I have a bunch of coupons I clipped or was sent by companies that I don't need. I was going to just send them to my friend overseas but they aren't expired yet so if you want to come by and look at them feel free to let me know and you can come by and spread them out on my living room floor! 

Timekillshearts --- 11 years ago -

You should have the commissary on there too! 

Glenna --- 11 years ago -

Absolutely! I told my husband that next time I'm going to try to do the commissary too. I think since I sort of established a routine this last go, the next time will be a bit easier. Be interesting to see how they stack up. 

Timekillshearts --- 11 years ago -

Have you heard they are going to do a card soon that you can load coupons onto?? I'm excited for that. I still wish they'd let you stack tho! [BTW I'm a total coupon dumbie so this is awesome to have it like "HEY YOU, Take this coupon for this item and go to this place"! Perfect!] 

Glenna --- 11 years ago -

This week's blog is slowly going up. Between a late father's day start, a toothache and now a cold (if I could teach my daughter to share her toys like she shares her colds, we'd be set!)... I'm against a few walls. But I'm gonna do my best to get 5 stores in. Planning on Country Mart and Walgreens when my husband gets home this evening but we'll see how late that is. 

Timekillshearts --- 11 years ago -

Good luck! No rush! Thank you for doing it for us! 

Jess --- 11 years ago -

That's awesome!! Thank you! 

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