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candlewood suites?

who's talking here?

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kimberly --- 9 years ago -

Has anyone stayed at the candlewood suites in Lawton? I read that they just opened this past December. They do not have any local reviews that I have read or been able to find. We are having to stay at a extended stay place and this was the newest there that also had the most room for the price. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

Glenna --- 9 years ago -

I stayed at a Candlewood in Vegas and was really impressed. Of course we were there for just over a week. I haven't been to any others, including here. 

soldrswife --- 9 years ago -

We stayed at Candlewood at Ft. Lee when we first got there and it was great! We stayed a couple of weeks until we were able to find a house. I did find a few reviews on the net for the one here in Lawton. has it rated as 4.2/5 from 6 different reviews and Trip Advisor only has 3 reviews on it. 

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