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How 'bout I post my complaint here!

who's talking here?

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SadSongs --- 7 years ago -

Seriously Army? This ISN'T the army. Take off the bossy britches, huh? I am pretty sure it is under no regulations on a new thread for a different complaint...especially if it doesn't pertain to anything else. And besides, this forum isn't exactly BUSY where people starting a NEW thread for a NEW topic bump oodles of topics down.

But the REAL reason I came on here...

What is with all of these no shows lately?? Or people asking sellers to hold something for WEEKS. I really think there should be a list of people to be aware of- if they have multiple no shows, they should be listed. I'm tired of people wasting my gas and time!!

And ENOUGH with the low balls already, people! NO I will NOT take $20 for a $100 item. Go to the freakin' goodwill and get the USED item for $20.


Pr3c!05@ --- 7 years ago -

It must be the heat that is causing people to not show up...oh wait...they've always done that! All the no shows and low balling, are making me not want to sell on bookoo anymore. I'd gladly give up some names of people to be aware of because they tend to no show or ask you to hold something to just fall off the face of the earth. I bet you that several names would come up several times because it's usually the same people.

You also have your repeated low ballers, you know, the people that keeps asking you if you'd take half of almost everything you're selling? Yeah, those are usually the same people. Oh and I love the ones that tell you that they can buy the items for cheaper somewhere else; for a brand new item still in stores!

But is not just the buyers, some sellers are bad too; especially the ones that promise you an item to just turn around and sell it and not even have the courtesy to tell you it had already been sold!

Of course, not all sellers/buyers are bad. I know a few people that I'd hold items for because they're reliable and if they can't make it or they can't get the item, they at least let me know ahead of time.

I guess there will always be poeple like that. 

Army --- 7 years ago -

For one it's "Army wife" but the "WIFE" isn't showing up. Thanks. And secondly, this had nothing to do with you unless you were the "smarty pants" who was mouthing me on the actual website about how me and 1 other girl post 1 piece of clothing at a time. Which I do that b/c not all my clothing are the same sizes. ANYWAY- I made the 'post your rants here' for the lady mouthing us who post 1 article at a time.... so grow up! 

SadSongs --- 7 years ago -

Precious- It was like you read my MIND!! I truly think a group of regular SYS posters should get together and exchange names. When the same name is brought up so many times for no-shows then they should be added to the seller beware list! I think something like that was done in the past and was discouraged though. Boo! (AND YESSSSS!! People who say they can get it cheaper else where make me want to GIVE away my item before I sell it to them. I know that makes no sense, but sometimes I just want to prove a point. AGH!)

Army- It was a JOKE. As for the grown up comment...well, your reasoning for the initial post explains itself. I don't need to delve any further into this matter! 

Army --- 7 years ago -

Yeah....... OKAY. 

a3561012uu --- 7 years ago -

Wow Army (wife). How old are you? 12? You are telling her to grow up but the reason you started a stupid post was in a childish reaction to (SURPRISE) some other drama. Maybe you should change your name; you are making Army wives look bad. (BTW- LOVE how you had to get the last word in. NOT!! Real witty last word too. HA!)

SadSongs and Precious you two are so right!! This place has become the new freecycle for people it seems. People think you should just give them stuff for free, or almost free, just because they are having a hard time. Well newsflash!! Many Americans are struggling through hard times. Some of us ladies are trying to make a little extra money in efforts to make ends meet a little more but because the things we are selling are decent people think we can afford to just give it away. It doesn't work that way! I get so fed up and frustrated sometimes. Last week we were a few dollars short of our electric bill (I didn't budget enough with this dang heat) and was trying to sell something I didn't really want to get rid of. There was a woman that was giving me this sob story and trying to convince me to give it to her. I have a little more class in terms of displaying my business but I really wanted to tell her that the world does NOT revolve around her. I finally stopped responding to her emails since apparently she was not understanding the word no. Of course she had to turn all ghetto and send various vulgarities to my email. Yeah. Stay classy, bookoo users!! 

a3561012uu --- 7 years ago -

BTW- has anyone used freecycle lately? There used to be a limit on how many wants a person can post but I SWEAR! That is ALL people post on there anymore. Drives me bonkers!! When I had signed up for freecycle I figured it was a good way to get rid of magazines, too big/small clothes, shoes I no longer wear, etc plus it was neat to 'score' something you cannot always find. Now I don't like to even post there. I get 20 people begging me, all giving me this sad little story, about why they HAVE to have this item and then demanding to know why THEY didn't get it after it becomes PPU or SOLD. It just isn't worth the headache! I am so tired of the sense of entitlement in people. 

a3561012uu --- 7 years ago -

Oh and I love the idea of the no-show list, btw! I forgot to mention that one. :) 

Sharon --- 7 years ago -

I used to moderate on Freecycle and then the rules were followed to a T. I have not been on there much lately, but your right, people want to know why they cant have your stuff and like they deserve it more than someone else. This site is the same way. People think they are entitled just for their sob story. Everyone has a sob story so get over yourselves. And as for the list, it would have to be off market, the owners will not allow a list to be posted anywhere on their sites. It was attempted in the past. And if you black list them, they will just create new accounts. Tons of people do it anyway, it gets old. 

Army --- 7 years ago -

I'm not trying to get the last word in. Just surprised that you're still talking about it. 

LoveMYLife --- 7 years ago -


Timekillshearts --- 7 years ago -

It actually IS against the rules on bookoo to post rants, raves, etc on their site. That's what this site is for. Just throwing that out there! 

Danniella --- 7 years ago -

yeah, ^ this is the place for rants. I agree with whoever said we should have a list for no show people. I get tired of them. Or people who email and then don't reply for a week. Especially when I reply seconds after I recieve the e-mail. 

Glenna --- 7 years ago -

I've seen something like this on the underground before and haven't been able to find it. I posted in it and it doesn't turn up in my list of stuff I've posted so I think that thread got deleted. I'd love it if there was another thread like that or some way to rate people like you can on ebay. 

MacKinnon --- 7 years ago -

I do have to say that I don't even bother looking through the clothes or the craft stuff any more because it is completely clogged up with one piece of clothing and scrapbook/stamping up stuff for pages on end. I don't have time to wade through that. It's very annoying, and results in no sale from me. 

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