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Officer Housing

who's talking here?

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MAM1979 --- 11 years ago -

We might have orders to Ft Sill this summer and I was wondering how the officer housing is? On the housing website it looks VERY outdated. Have they re-done housing recently? Also, how do you like living there? We're in CA & moving to OK will be a totally different lifestyle for me!


Shutterbug --- 11 years ago -

There are some newer buildings being built, but not sure about officer housing. Buffalo Soldier housing neighborhood is for upper NCO's and maybe officers, but they may have a long wait list.

It is a slower-paced lifestyle here, and if you love the outdoors, you will like it here. There is quite a bit to do if you are open to looking for it. There is the saying that home is where the Army sends you. :D I like it here, but I grew up in the area, and moved back after having been gone for almost a decade. It's nice here in some ways, and honestly kinda ghetto in other ways. There are areas of town you don't want to be in too long, and some that are perfect for raising a family. 

Glenna --- 11 years ago -

We leave in 3 days and can't wait! I try to be that person that makes the best of things but I couldn't make much of anything good of this place. Enjoy the refuge (probably the best place here) in spring and fall b/c you'll want to hibernate through the summer. Buy your milk at Braum's (easily the best milk I've ever had) and I think Dr. Lennon hung the moon and stars in the OB/GYN's sky. Other than that, it sucks. The neighborhoods are hit or miss for the most part. So are the people! Come with a positive attitude, just not high expectations. 

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