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Say Hello to Lawton's Newest Scentsy Consultant...ME!

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Shutterbug --- 11 years ago -

Hey everyone! I just thought I would share the great news that I am on board to sell Scentsy now! I have a launch party going on right now to help get my new career started, so if you don't have a consultant already, and would love to help a gal out, I would really appreciate it!

For the month of February, there is a LOT of good stuff on sale for 10% off! Plus, the new Spring and Summer scents are coming out! I will have the new catalogs and testers in a couple of days, so if you would like to set up a party, let me know and I can help you make an awesome one!

I love Scentsy, because it's a really good way to get your home or office smelling great, and it doesn't require a harmful open flame, and you don't get that nasty smoke like when you use candles. Plus, you can use Scentsy in on-post housing!

If you are a fan of the Scentsy bricks, then this month is your LAST chance to order them, as they are being discontinued! Be sure to stock up while you still can!

Here is a link to my open party if you would like to order, or you can reach me to set up your own party if you like! 

Shelley S --- 11 years ago -

Congrats! I will be in contact with you soon since I dont have a consultant already :) 

Shutterbug --- 11 years ago -

Thanks Shelley! I'll have quite a bit in stock soon. I just put in an order, and I do have a little bit on hand right now for anyone who is interested. I have the testers and catalogs now, too!

Here's the list of what I will have in stock soon for Scentsy:

Scentsy Bars- 1 Cinnamon Bear, 2 Cocoa Clementine, 1 Honey Pear Cider, 3 Be Still, 1 Black Raspberry Vanilla, 2 Weathered Leather, 1 Love Story, 1, Quiver, 3 Pixie, 1 Amalfie Coast, 2 Paradise Punch, 1 Cucumber Lime, 1 Hendrix, 3 Pink Pepper.

Scentsy Bricks- 1 Cinnamon Bear, 2 Weathered Leather (one is for Stacy Gonzalez Waters), 1 Pixie

Warmers- 1 Graphite, 1 Cupcake

Fragrance Foam- 1 Black Raspberry Vanilla, 1 Cocoa Clementine

1 Charity plug-in warmer, 1 Camu Camu travel tin, 1 Baked Apple Pie scent pak, 1 Be Still room spray

IN STOCK NOW!!! - Dottie full size warmer, 1 Welcome Home Scentsy bar, 1 Spring Clean Scentsy bar, 1 Perfectly Pomegranate Travel Tin, 1 Skinny Dippin' room spray 

jlgg --- 6 years ago -

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