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Shelley S

I joined this crazy place on 2011-07-12, 8 years ago.

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Looking for Elgin Middle School supply list - 7 years ago

Scroll down a bit on this site and it has the lists by grades. [url=]Elgin Middle School[/url]

MOLD in housing-be cautious! - 8 years ago

Wow, sorry to hear that girl. I thought we left this mold issue crap back in Washington didn't you? I really hope they move you, sounds like their version of cleaning isn't going to even make a dent...


I dont think many read the rules before posting, puppy sales are not allowed anyway. This is from the [url=]Prohibited List[/url] Puppy sales are forbidden (...


I honestly just skip right over the items only listed OBO because I feel like they should give me a starting point. I'm not good at offers so I have no idea what's good or offensive. My rant is th...

Moving to Fort Sill this summer - 8 years ago

I live off of 67th street and I love it out this way. I dont have any school age kids, well college, but not younger so I can't comment on the schools in my area.

family of 6 moving to Ft. Sill from Germany - 8 years ago

Elgin great schools, nice area, most of the people in my husband's office actually live there and they all love it!

family of 6 moving to Ft. Sill from Germany - 8 years ago

I found my rental home on website. If you find one on there or anywhere else, you can ask us here what our thoughts on the area you find something in. You may be able to get right onto po...

family of 6 moving to Ft. Sill from Germany - 8 years ago

I dont have any school info as my kids are grown but as far as Lawton, I honestly like it here. It's not too big and not too small. As with any town, there are good areas and not so good areas. The...

Hi Lady's, we are headin your way... - 8 years ago

Welcome Jennifer, and yeah it's kinda dusty in here, that's why I still post on Lewis Underground but check back here now and then. We came from Lewis as well and honestly, I like it here better. ...

Moving to Sill from Riley - 8 years ago

We live off 67th and Cache area and we love it! cost of living here is about the same as Riley in my opinion. As with any town, there is good and bad. I will warn you, and it's mine and a few people...

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