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Hi Lady's, we are headin your way...

who's talking here?

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Jennifer --- 7 years ago -

We got orders for Fort Sill,and will be there in about a month. We are coming from Fort Lewis WA. Any info you ladys can share with me I'd greatly apreciate. We do have a place to rent lined up in the central high area.thanks 

Jennifer --- 7 years ago -

wow this underground needs CPR! 

Shutterbug --- 7 years ago -

Hey Jennifer! Welcome to Oklahoma soon! We came here from Fort Lewis last August. I like it better here, but it's home for me. Some don't like it, and some do. Summers are beyond hot here, and winter can get cold and windy. I used to go to church at Central High Baptist. There are some good people in that area. It's about a 20-30 minute drive from Fort Sill, but it's worth it to live out in the country instead of in Lawton's city limits.

The board here is definitely nothing like LU. It's so quiet here you could hear a pin drop. However, at least there isn't a lot of drama like there used to always be on LU. I haven't even been on there in a while. If you are on Facebook, Fort Lewis Army Wives is a good group, and if you make crafts or anything, Mommy Wares is a good group in the area on FB.

If you want to go to a water park, you will have to drive to Wichita Falls or Oklahoma City, because the water park here in Lawton closed down. There are a few museums around, and the wildlife refuge up north of Lawton is pretty cool. 

Shelley S --- 7 years ago -

Welcome Jennifer, and yeah it's kinda dusty in here, that's why I still post on Lewis Underground but check back here now and then.

We came from Lewis as well and honestly, I like it here better. This size town is more my speed, too many people and too much traffic in WA for me, although I did like the climate for the most part there. It gets HOT in summer here but we have AC so unlike WA we dont have to suffer lol 

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