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family of 6 moving to Ft. Sill from Germany

who's talking here?

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a3014949uu --- 10 years ago -


Well, I have heard good and bad about the area, but was wondering if it is really THAT bad as far as the town of Lawton goes? Which schools are good? I have 2 high school aged, and 2 elementary aged.
Any info would be very helpful! 

Shelley S --- 10 years ago -

I dont have any school info as my kids are grown but as far as Lawton, I honestly like it here. It's not too big and not too small. As with any town, there are good areas and not so good areas. There is a lot to do here, but if you dont find enough in Lawton area, Oklahoma City is north about an hour and Wichita Falls is about an hour south.

It gets HOT here during the summer though, so you will want to have summer clothes handy for sure.

Welcome to Ft Sill/Lawton :) 

a3014949uu --- 10 years ago -

Thank you Shelley! I appreciate your insight.
We are looking forward to moving there this summer. :) 

Shelley S --- 10 years ago -

I found my rental home on website. If you find one on there or anywhere else, you can ask us here what our thoughts on the area you find something in.

You may be able to get right onto post though depending on what your eligible for and their waiting time.

Either way, welcome, let us know if we can help you with anything. 

Shutterbug --- 10 years ago -

There are good and bad things about the town, and if you like warm ( summers, cold winters, and pretty calm in-between, then it's good. Some of the schools aren't too bad, but I heard Eisenhower isn't the best for high school. I've heard others who like it, though, so it varies, just like every school. My daughter goes to Pat Henry Elementary until next year (moving on up to middle school!), and my sister works as a teacher there for 1st grade. It's a pretty good school, but smack dab in the bad part of town.

What part of Germany are you coming from? We lived in Heidelberg for a few years, and I loved it! I wish we could go back, but my husband is probably going to be getting out of the military before time to pcs again, and I heard they are trying to stop doing accompanied tours over there. I hope that after my kids are grown, that my husband and I can take a vacation over there, and go to Italy and France, too. 

a3014949uu --- 10 years ago -

Thanks Shelly. I checked out the ahrn website, but can't tell which are on the good side of town. I'm goimg to go on google maps to see if I can tell.
Shutterbug, We are coming from the Grafenwoehr /Vilseck area of Germany. We love it here and don't really want to leave. But we were not approved to stay any longer.
I was wondering how far Elgin is from post? I have heard it's a good area, but if it is too far of a drive than we won't look there. I've just heard that the schools are great there. Thanks again everyone! 

Shutterbug --- 10 years ago -

I think it's about a 10-15 minute drive to post, if that. It isn't too far. I know a lot of people would rather live in that area than in Lawton. The school there is good, too, from what I have heard. 

Shelley S --- 10 years ago -

Elgin great schools, nice area, most of the people in my husband's office actually live there and they all love it! 

Christy86 --- 10 years ago -

I am originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, so I thought living here would be awesome....well not so much. It sucks here. I have lived here a little over 3 years and have yet to find any friends here. People are rude here and seem to only care about themselves. If you want any friends, you basically have to go by their schedules.....they don't care about your's! I highly recommend living on the far East side of Lawton! That is where we live and there has not been any crime around here since we moved here. We also live by a few police officers and we actually live a few houses down from the sheriff. Plus, we are by Macarthur high school, which is a GREAT school, and so is the middle and elementary school in this area too. I would definitely stay away from living in the middle of the city for sure! Try to live on the outskirts of town! I personally hate it here and the only good you can find here is if you get out of town! lol I have even found myself calling Lawton, Rotten as its nickname because it sucks here so much. 

jlgg --- 6 years ago -

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