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Moving to Fort Sill this summer

who's talking here?

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MAM1979 --- 10 years ago -

So were moving out there this summer and are looking to buy a house out in town. Any areas to stay away from? Or any areas that you like? I have 4 kids, so Im looking for a safe neighborhood with good schools! Thanks! 

Shutterbug --- 10 years ago -

I recommend moving to a different town, then, unless you want to spend a hefty lump of money for a house. Most of the good neighborhoods are where the newer housing is built, and they are expensive. You might find something better close to post in the Medicine Park area or Elgin. They are not too far from Sill. Lately, there have been bad things happening in a lot of different areas here in Lawton. 

Christy86 --- 10 years ago -

I highly recommend the East side of Lawton. There are a few houses for sale/rent around the area. We live in this area and there is no crime over here and we also live by a lot of police officers even a sheriff is right down the street from us. Macarthur is the high school on the East side and it is an AWESOME school, as well as the middle and elementary schools in the neighborhood. We are moving out of our house since it is being put on the market, but we plan on living in the same area because this is probably the best part of Lawton to live in. I would definitely stay away from the city of Lawton and try to live on the outskirts of it. 

Shelley S --- 10 years ago -

I live off of 67th street and I love it out this way. I dont have any school age kids, well college, but not younger so I can't comment on the schools in my area. 

MAM1979 --- 10 years ago -

Thanks for the advice! Yeah, Shutterbug we don't plan on moving to Lawton. I've been using a sex offender website...way to many in Lawton for me to feel comfortable living there! 

jlgg --- 5 years ago -

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