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Info on commute from Sterling to Fort Sill?

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RC2012 --- 10 years ago -


We are pcs'ing to Fort Sill this summer and are looking at houses in Sterling because they seem cheaper and better value that the one we were looking at in Elgin. Is this a terribly long commute? Is Sterling a good area for a family with children? My husband is mostly worried about the morning commute to Fort Sill. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated!! 

tish --- 10 years ago -

RC2012, i live in elgin which is about 10 min or so west of sterling. have you searched in fletcher as well? nothing bad on sterling, was just giving you more far as the commute, no its not long, your looking at about 30 min or so into lawton, and of course the key gate to the base is right as you come in to lawton, so you won't be facing any major traffic. i will tell you that when you access the interstate off of elgin via the toll way, that can be a wait some times......because everyone goes to work between 7:30-8 and seems like any other busy city, its usually hard to get off of when you're coming home if you get off at 5. there is another way that doesn't involve getting up on interstate and i've timed it and it is 3 minutes difference. in other words you lose 3 minutes by not paying the .25 cents to use the interstate.....yes you are right, the homes are much cheaper in sterling and fletcher and even cyril (which is a little further down from fletcher, but what you would pay for in those towns, in elgin, you'd pay quite a bit more, not just a few thousand, i'm talking like a 80-90k home in those towns would sell for well over 100k in elgin. we figured this out by trial and error, i just moved to elgin, because of the school systems for my child, but i've come to terms with my mistake (and i shouldn't say that, but do, because I later found out i could've lived in those towns and still have access to the elgin schools)....either way, i have not regrets. good luck to you in your search, if there is anything else i can do to help, let me know, i can't say that i'll run a million miles/favors for you, but if i can help by taking pics for you and emailing or something to the like, pm me and we'll figure something out. i know it must be scary to move to an area you have no idea of, we got to come here several times before deciding....we even visited the schools, the teachers that would be, if i can help with that let me know. 

jlgg --- 5 years ago -

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