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MOLD in housing-be cautious!

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Shutterbug --- 10 years ago -

So, I don't know how many others have had to deal with toxic black mold in their housing here on post, but we have. We had a problem with the air conditioning unit messing up and flooding part of our living room, soaking the carpet. We called housing maintenance immediately when we found it, and they came out with a shop vac to clean some of it up. Then, 3 days later, they sent someone out to pull up some of the carpet to spray, then put a fan on and put it back down on Monday. Last week after this happened, I looked in the area where the HVAC unit is, and discovered what looked like black mold growing on the wall, in the wood, drywall, in cracks, etc... so, I tested it. Sure enough, it was mold. Picerne sent someone out yesterday to clean it. Well, if you could call it cleaning. They scraped some of it off, sprayed some bleach, and something else apparently, then spray painted over the spot they "treated". They didn't get the entire area, and didn't pull up anything to check for more mold, and didn't even vacuum up what they scraped. They also didn't even acknowledge there was any mold in the first place. The maintenance supervisor even said it just looked like dirt. Well, my positive test result, photos, and video will prove otherwise. I've taken this to housing, EFMP (I am on EFMP for asthma and allergy problems...mainly mold allergy), and I ICED Picerne. My husband is also thinking of taking this up with IG or whoever will take action. Since moving into this house, my family and I have been getting sick. My son, who never had allergies, now has them bad, but only when he is inside the house. I have spent restless nights not being able to breathe, and have had to rely on allergy medicine and asthma inhalers just to be able to sleep. My daughter, son, and I get headaches, as well as my husband, and we are all fine when we are away from the house, but it flares up again when we get inside again.

I urge anyone who has had problems with their health and they live on post (especially in older housing or Geronimo Acres), to fully inspect for mold, and report it. Fight with housing to do something. If enough of us let it be known, then they have no choice but to listen and do something. Take photos, video, do tests, whatever you need for evidence. Check in the HVAC area, in vents, in the water heater closet, in the bathroom areas. 

Shelley S --- 10 years ago -

Wow, sorry to hear that girl. I thought we left this mold issue crap back in Washington didn't you? I really hope they move you, sounds like their version of cleaning isn't going to even make a dent in the problem :( 

Shutterbug --- 10 years ago -

I hope they do something. I thought it was funny that the day after I put in the ICE comment, I heard back from the main housing office. They sent someone out today to investigate it, and saw where something was sprayed, but that it looked like they sprayed paint over the spot. They took photos of the different areas where there was a leak, and where the mold was growing. They also took photos of the intake vent area, and even said themselves that it was all rotted and looked like it needed to be replaced completely. They could see where the water damage was in there, too.

I guess this is what I get for moving into one of the first houses offered to us while we were moving from Washington. Maybe it's karma...we got moved here due to mold in the area and on the outside of the house...we move here, and it is on the inside of the house. Oh boy. 

jlgg --- 5 years ago -

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jlgg --- 5 years ago -

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