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I joined this crazy place on 2010-05-04, 12 years ago.

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Good dentist? - 11 years ago

Micheal Jackson is my dentist, he is great, super nice and the hygienist was very sweet and cleaned my teeth very nicely. Very professional and clean. Would recommend him to anyone!

PCSing to Sill... - 11 years ago

I have been at Fort Sill for almost 3 years, I personally am not a big fan, plus side 2 wal-marts that are maybe 10 minutes tops from about anywhere in Lawton or Fort sill,Mcdonalds, chinese food,red ...


I am not Not sure whats going on but any suggestions would be nice, or the creators need to get on here and tell us whats going on!


dyn thing keeps popping up asking to register and then asking for billing information, Ummmm I don't think so, I don't know whats going on but kind of annoying. Is this a steal identity type crap? lol...

Dog Shots - 11 years ago

Animal Birth control clinic Vaccinations are on a walk-in basis 9:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m., Surgeries are by appointment Mon-Thur.Call(580)355-6985. 85 NE 20th Street, Lawton, Ok (Off East Gore) ...

Dog Shots - 11 years ago

If your wanting to do the shots yourself, you can buy them at Atwoods, or the co-op store Mt.Scotts. I give all my own shots except rabies,and the place I use for rabies is the vet clinic on Fort Sill...

Are all of my friends gone? - 11 years ago

3/2 has a lot of originals from then still here, my husband joined 3/2 in 2007, however a lot of our friends are guys who have been in 3/2 for quite awhile. who all are you looking for I may be able t...

So Why is it so hard for someone to say its PPU or SOLD ? - 11 years ago

Sorry had to get it out of my system. Any advice on this? I mean should I post her seller name and make it be known what kind of person she is ?

So Why is it so hard for someone to say its PPU or SOLD ? - 11 years ago

Messaged a lady on here asking to buy something from her, waited a few, NO RESPONSE! So the ad said you could text,and I did NO RESPONSE, figured maybe 830 was too late she might be in bed give it unt...

Need Info on Fishing classes on post - 11 years ago

I need to know when and where they have the fishing classes on post, so I can fish on post and not have to drive to the lake everyday. If you know anything please let me know.

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