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Beaker --- 12 years ago -

My husband just got orders to Sill. Was wondering what everyone thinks about it. Pro's, con's, rants, advice, whatever ya got. We're coming from Fort Polk, LA so I'm sure Sill is 100% better than here! Thanks 

LuvMySoldier --- 12 years ago -

I loved Sill and miss it every day. My husband has been in 18 years and we have lived all over the world including Turkey and Italy and Oklahoma is my favorite place. Lawton is a hit and miss place when it comes to living there. The east side in my opinion is the best. We bought our house in the Sungate area on the SE side of Lawton. I have been to Polk for a visit and I thought it was awful lol. Im a country girl so Oklahoma suits me well. I would not rent from sundance rentals if possible. We PCSed from Sill a year ago and I miss it every day. In fact when my husband gets home from deployment next month we are coming back for a vacation and check on our house. We are stationed in Ft Riley, Kansas now and it SUCKS so bad here, I absolutely hate it lol. Good luck and hopefully you will enjoy Sill / Oklahoma 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

We have a little more than 2 months and we can't wait to get as far away as possible! Horrible housing for way too much, rude, inconsiderate people, dirty, HOT, boring... I could keep going but I'm going to stop b/c the rest is just ugly and hateful and is a result of the above festering for 2 years. The ONLY thing I will miss will be Braum's milk. I'm sorry you have to come here. 

Beaker --- 12 years ago -

Hot would be Fort Polk... its a LOT farther south and its a heck of a lot more humid. Luckily, we'll be renting my husband's aunt's house (they use to be stationed there) for relativity cheap. How are the Elementary schools? I'll be in my last year of Nursing School, what is a close college to look at? The only thing that really scares me is the tornadoes... I can deal with nothing to do--I'm use to it here at Polk where the ONLY THING we have is Walmart, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and McDonalds. And those are all 20-25 minute drive depending on where you are on post. 

LuvMySoldier --- 12 years ago -

Fort Sill is not bad, if you sit there and whine and moan about it then yeah your time will be miserable. The people are not rude or inconsiderate, it isnt dirty and defintely not boring unless again you just sit on your butt and whine. OKC is an hour north, Wichita falls Texas is an hour south, dallas is 3 hours. Meers has an awesome little restaurant , medicine park is a cute little town and the Wichita mountains are absolutely beautiful. I loved going hiking there almost every weekend. There is Cameron University in downtown Lawton. Fort Polk is one place i definitely would never want to be lol 

Beaker --- 12 years ago -

Fort Polk, or as everyone calls it, Fort Puke, is the armpit of the Army. We've done our 3 years and its time to go!!!!!! 

shannon --- 12 years ago -

I have been at Fort Sill for almost 3 years, I personally am not a big fan, plus side 2 wal-marts that are maybe 10 minutes tops from about anywhere in Lawton or Fort sill,Mcdonalds, chinese food,red lobster,olive garden, texas roadhouse,burger king,whataburger,taco bell, You name it's here! Not really sure about schools as I don't have kiddo's. Closest college is Cameron University, Heard its a good college but I take classes online so not really sure. You really don't have to worry about Tornadoes, any that have hit in Oklahoma have hit minimum an hour away, as far as I know no tornado has hit here in 18 years or so,and it is super hot here we have an 80 plus day streak of over 100 degrees and it hit like 113 a couple times.Oh and winters are hell here as well. cold, tons of ice,snow,power outages and days with no power because the city of Lawton is a very Lazy bunch of people. Not to mention Lawton is the most money hungry town I have ever seen.We have been fined for our grass not being mowed 2 days after we moved in, our car being parked in front of our house on the curb, and after a week of being here we hadn't had time to register our dogs, which is expensive, and they took our dogs and said we had to payed 460 bucks to get them out or pay 60 bucks to release them to them and have them put down, needless to say Lawton is horrible, finally moved on post and its not to bad, you BAH covers everything, utilities,trash, repairs,lawn care. I think Your really just going to have to make your own judgement, me being from Oregon, this area of Oklahoma is a dump, but alot of people like it. Anyways good luck I hope you like it and are not completely miserable for the time your here. 

Shutterbug --- 12 years ago -

I'm from this area...grew up pretty much just an hour away from here. There are some good things, some bad things, and some really bad things about the area.

The good: There are a lot of restaurants here. If you like nature or hiking, there is a wildlife refuge nearby. There is a waterpark in town, and a better one a couple of hours north in Oklahoma City. There are tons of museums in the area, and if you love history, there are some great historical sites. People originally from around here are friendly. There are quite a few people from all over here, and when you get a lot of people in one place, of course some will be rude.

The bad: It gets hot in summer (I like the heat, though). It gets really cold and icy in the winter. There are a lot of rednecks (I say that with love, but it's true). Some of the schools aren't too great, but a lot of that is because they don't pay the teachers enough money to do their job properly.

If you come into the place thinking it's going to be horrible, or think it's going to be disgusting, or that the people are rude and idiots, then you will be miserable. If you come into the place thinking that hey, it's a new place that I can explore and meet new people, then it won't be bad.

Also, keep in mind that this is part of the Bible belt, so there are a lot of conservative people, and you will find a church on just about every street corner it seems. Don't let us church folk scare you off if that's not your thing, though. We speak our minds, but will treat you like family when we can. Oh, and people will wave to you while you are driving. I didn't see that much when we were up at Fort Lewis...well, some waved, but it was with the middle finger. 

Shelley S --- 12 years ago -

After being at Lewis for 4 years, which I didnt mind, but didn't love, I LOVE being here at Sill. First and foremost, it's only a few hours from my family and second, everyone is so darn nice here. I grew up in the south but lived all over since hubby has been in over 20 years, and this is my 2nd favorite duty station. First being Alaska, LOVED it lol. 

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