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Good dentist?

who's talking here?

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Shelley S --- 11 years ago -

I'm looking for some opinions on good dentists who take the military dental insurance.

Thanks :) 

Glenna --- 11 years ago -

none of them are good. They are all evil and sadistic. that said, I have seen Dr. Jackson (Michael Jackson - no joke)but he didn't do any work, just an evaluation. I went to him b/c he's a sedation dentist (I didn't like the way he described it as being aware during the visit but the meds would make you forget, kinda freaks me out. I was thinking sedation would equal asleep, nope. anyway...) he was very nice and took plenty of time to explain stuff to me. What caught my ear in his office is that he said gas was included with his services which made me think it was free. I've paid $60 an hour for laughing gas in the past. More recently I've seen Dr. Todd Bridges on 52nd. I've had my teeth cleaned there and had the doctor examine me. Again, very nice man, takes his time to explain and a hell of a motivational speaker. His hygienist was very gentle and nice. I went to Dr. Todd b/c my husband and a friend here have and both have said he is very gentle and even his shots just feel like pressure b/c he uses a topical numbing cream before. He's very very much about making sure you're numb and comfortable and is willing to hand out the valium if you're a gigantic wuss at the dentist like me :) He's also super busy which is a good sign (pain if you need in quick) so call now if you need an appointment. Good luck! 

Shelley S --- 11 years ago -

Thanks so much for the info Glenna, and I fully agree, they are all evil but I'm a big wuss myself lol.

I've had the gas before and yeah had to pay dearly for it, but was worth it for me, but free would be even better if that's the case :) 

shannon --- 11 years ago -

Micheal Jackson is my dentist, he is great, super nice and the hygienist was very sweet and cleaned my teeth very nicely. Very professional and clean. Would recommend him to anyone! 

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