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The Item is still there but no email?

who's talking here?

Sharon 1
tish 4
Pr3c!05@ 2
Amy 2
Danniella 1
Glenna 1
LoveMYLife 4
a3416802uu 1

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LoveMYLife --- 9 years ago -

I mean really if you are going to sell somthing you need to answer your emails or at least put it as sold so people stop asking. UGH 

tish --- 9 years ago -

AMEN to that!!! i get so irked at people like that! 

Amy --- 9 years ago -

Can i ask what item it is? I know i replied to a few ppl via my phone since my laptop is off to repair and have not heard back. :( my phone is faulty i think as i have more issues than that. The others that replied with # got.calls or texts. I apologize in advance if it was me. 

LoveMYLife --- 9 years ago -

Its to 40gal tubs of size med jr clothes and 5 jeans. 

Amy --- 9 years ago -

Nope sorry that isnt my stuff. I hope they contact you! 

Pr3c!05@ --- 9 years ago -

That's similar to the ad I have for my Juniors Size clothing but I have replied to all the e-mails I have gotten. My ad is for 2 17gl bins. 

Glenna --- 9 years ago -

I wish they would too! I've sent emails for several things and never had a reply. It's frustrating for sure, especially when it's a need more than a want! 

LoveMYLife --- 9 years ago -

I just looked at the add its the 30+ peices of jr clothing. In two 17gal totes for 40.00. I have emailed several times with no answer. 

Pr3c!05@ --- 9 years ago -

Yeah that is my ad. I've checked my e-mail and I have indeed replied to all the e-mails I have gotten about it. Even checked the spam folder and no e-mails from bookoo there. 

LoveMYLife --- 9 years ago -

Hmmmm funny well I sent you two but you know how that goes somtimes email wants to act goofy :). 

tish --- 9 years ago -

ok how bout this one, i saw an item i like, it was priced at X amount, and since i really really wanted it, offered the person double (minus $1 so i guess that would be 90%??) and we got in touch, and sure enoug, and it may just be me, as soon as i said i was from out of town, the miscommunication began, even after i offered extra. have repeatedly messsaged, but no response. i wonder sometimes too, i hate to lie to people but i feel honesty is best, but in my case sometimes it comes back to bite you on the butt!! (or boat as they say on finding nemo lol) 

Danniella --- 9 years ago -

Yeah, I've been there. Sometimes I think some of the people who post on here really don't care if they sell their stuff or not. It's nice you are honest Tish :( too bad it didn't work for you. 

tish --- 9 years ago -

ok VENT time again....before i begin, let me apologize to whomever i am about, found an item on bookoo, there was # listed, supposedly for faster response, so i texted, the person said "yes, it is still available!" the person proceeded to tell me where they live, since i am not from lawton (remember i live an hr away)i asked if we could meet nearby where SHE lives that day since i was working there in town, so then the person texts me back and says they couldnt come out of their house to meet, so then stupid me, i offered to go TO their house, then NO ANSWER until later that night i got a text back saying it'd have to be saturday, so it was at this point that i explained that i didn't live in lawton, wouldnt be there saturday,etc. and asked if possibly could do it next day since i'd be working in lawton again. well went to lawton next day, took a shot, txted, she answered!!! but long story short, she couldnt do until after 5 and i had to be gone before weekend came around, i texted saturday, letting her know i'd be down sunday, would that be ok, got a YES and i drive down sunday to wait ALL DAY texted FOUR times each with NO ANSWER, so i drove my cowardly butt home....

case #2, i texted someone else on an item, the # too was available, adn this person to like the one above, but not the same, texted me back, YES it is available he/she said. so i texted back asking more info on the item, after that, NO ANSWER!!!!!!

what is it with some people??? i mean really its like you say Danniella, some people just don't really care, not just about not selling the item, but about others lives!!!

oh and on a side note, the person i was griping about on the item i offered double the price to, she too, NEVER TEXTED BACK, and it was all after i said i'd rather not come on base. i'm not saying that was the reason why, but i did say that and after that all communications ceased. i mean if you had an item for 9 and i told you i'd give you 17 for it and asked you to meet me right outside of base, would that not be enough extra gas $ to drive out of base as opposed to the ONE HOUR drive i have to make???

sorry, i got it out now and again sorry, i no that was all rude and ugly but i really had to get it out...have a nice night all, maybe i'll wake up better mood tomorrow, oh and Happy Valentines day!!! what did you all do/get? 

Sharon --- 9 years ago -

Just to say that coming on post(and I live here) is a major pain right now with gates/roads closed. Jeez, I found a great new meeting place. The Key Gate East is closed, if a person comes to the key gate, veers right, the gate is closed, but you can stop right on that little road right as you cross the first lane (which normally would be a turn around) and both pull up there, I just met someone there Sunday who could not come on post(they were afraid to get lost)
Long story short/moral. If they want to sell they will, and I worked on their schedule.....
I am not always able to do that, but do try to help out in some way. 

a3416802uu --- 9 years ago -

I don't get this i've been trying to get the queen size bedding for a minute and the item is still there but no return email. I'm guessing that they don't want to sell it. It don't have sold on it or anything. i was trying to save money and get that one. O well i'll go buy a new set. 

tish --- 9 years ago -

mine wasnt an email, i texted because thats what the ad said, so i texted for some jeans and a shirt and what did i get you say?????? NO RESPONSE. and yup just like you said a3416802uu neither has sold on it.... 

FELICIA --- 9 years ago -

It cracks me up I had a guy from flordia wanting buy my diamond ring on here at 1st he made it sound like he was from around Lawton area so I'm redding back n forth and he said ok u ship it here then il send u the money I said no of course n he got very rude and like kept texting n I said sorry not interested n I dont do paypal wow did he jump of the deep in I'm like r u serious dude no Im not dumb I thinking it from Florida y r u looking on Lawton bookoo man these crazy people lol or I had a girl wanting it from Duncan I had on here for $150 which a steal most want $500 and she was asking me to trade it for fake crap I'm like sorry no I was only getting rid of it cuz it scratches my 7 month old baby other than that I love it. Like come on it's white gold princess cut diamond ring sorry had to vent too lol. 

FELICIA --- 9 years ago -

Texting not redding dang iPhone lol 

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