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Don't want to offend anyone....

who's talking here?

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tish --- 7 years ago -

I was searching on bookoo for a photographer that would do a giant (say like an 11 x 14) collage of pictures that I have already taken myself from our baseball season, but they are all ads stating that they will takes pics, etc. Do you think it offensive for me to post this on there asking? I don't want to offend any photographers, but I am willing to pay. I have been to Wal-Mart but they only make them as big as 8 x 10 sort of needing bigger than that, any advice appreciated, or if you know someone that will do you let me know!!! Thanks chickidees! 

Shutterbug --- 7 years ago -

When do you need it by? I'm moving to Sill next month, and can print up to a 13x19.

While I'm a photographer, if I'm not planning on using the photos for my own portfolio, I have no problem with helping someone piece together a collage. 

tish --- 7 years ago -

: ( by this next tuesday BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESPONSE 

Shutterbug --- 7 years ago -

ah, yeah, that probably wouldn't be doable for! There is a photographer in Frederick, on Main street, that you may be able to ask. I can't remember the name, but there is only one or two photographers in Frederick, so it shouldn't be hard to find her. :D 

brit --- 7 years ago -

My husband can set your pictures up however you want, put the collage on a CD, and you can take it to walmart and print it and pay for the print. I am sure my husband would do it for like... $10 dollars. He has been doing graphic design since 2006.. or 05.. IDR. a long time though. But if thats what you mean to be done he can do it no problem so long as your pixels aren't grainy. 

brit --- 7 years ago -

or free... i dont know. he might do it just becuause he doesnt have anyting else to do. 

Sharon --- 7 years ago -

In the future, use Winkflash, they do great work, you upload all your stuff, click what size adn what you want and they send it. I love htat site. I found them on Facebook adn have used them for all my printing this last year. I got my sons wrestling photos made into a big poster collage style adn I love it!!! 

tish --- 7 years ago -

thanks to all who responded, brit, i am sorry , i hadn't got back on here since i last posted, went out of town and just got back in,thanks but i will keep you in mind for next time!!! you guys are great! 

MacKinnon --- 7 years ago -

you know you can just do it yourself online, right? Go to or a similar site and just upload all your pictures. 

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