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pest control......

who's talking here?

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tish --- 12 years ago -

need suggestions, i just moved here and i am very "whatever"-phobic you call it but i can't stand things that crawls, i scream with crickets, even ladybugs, yes that is me. : ( anywho, the house i moved into has alot of spiders, they are little but i still do not like them. who have you used, prices, etc. thanks! 

Shutterbug --- 12 years ago -

I'm not sure about what exterminators are good around here, but I can tell you to be very careful with spiders around. Fiddlebacks are bad in this area, and can be very dangerous. I have a severe phobia, too, and have been bitten twice by Fiddlebacks. Just be sure to check your shoes before putting your feet in, check blankets and sheets before getting in bed, and shake your clothes out before changing.

I think there is an orkin here, and they were fairly good years ago when I lived in Frederick, but that was over a decade ago.

Spiders are bad here, as well as roaches in some areas. So are crickets, cicadas, grasshoppers, and a lot of other bugs. They aren't too bad if you get used to them. I actually love the sound of the cicadas at night. It's peaceful. The spiders, I could live without. Most around here are the garden spiders, and are more scared of you than you are of them, but to me, all spiders are nasty, horrible creatures. 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

yeah, I don't do spiders either. I grew up in Tennessee and we had brown recluses, black widows and wolf spiders something terrible. But it wasn't until we moved here that we had black widows literally knocking at the front door (it was a very quiet knock. but seriously they were walking in the door) We also discovered a wonderful little pest called carpet beetles. Ugh. So my husband found this really awesome spray by Bayer. As long as we spray every 3 months, we don't have one creepy crawly thing anywhere. It's called 'Home Pest plus Germ Killer'. You will need to be ready to spray yourself out the door for about 15 minutes. Or what I do is spray all the rooms I can close off and then wait for a while and then spray the living room and kitchen and go hang out in a bedroom for a little bit. It's just the smell and it only hangs around for 15 minutes or so. 

tish --- 12 years ago -

thank you so much for the input, where exactly can i buy that bayer stuff? is is safe for plants? and after i've sprayed do you recommend washing all the stuff down like bed spreads, etc.? to the both of you, i am sooooo glad i am not the only one with that phobia. i cringed when you guys said fiddlebacks, black widows, brown recluses, etc. so i need to do something asap. thanks again! 

Shutterbug --- 12 years ago -

I would wash the stuff down, but I'm allergic to so many different things that it's more of a precautionary for me.

Fiddlebacks and Brown Recluse are the same spider, I believe, but that doesn't matter, since they are nasty little things.

I have two constant reminders of how much I hate the spiders. I have a small spot on the back of my hand where I was bitten by one, and there is a small spot on my right leg where I was bitten by another two weeks later. The doctor was really worried about the one on my leg, because she said if the infection went down even a centimeter more, I would lose my leg at the knee. Thankfully, that didn't happen! Now, I cringe when I hear about either spiders, snakes, or roaches. 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

Well, with the Bayer stuff, we got it at Atwoods. And you just spray the baseboards so we didn't need to wash anything. I have no idea if it's safe for indoor plants but we've sprayed outside and it didn't mess with the plants at all.

I remember growing up, we'd go to my great grandmother's house, old old house. All the bed feet were in mason jar lids and they were filled with kerosene. Now I know that's not safe but that is how they kept scorpions out of the bed. Just an idea for you to grow on if you are really worried about stuff getting in bed. I'm sure there are less flammable alternatives out there now. And as for your shoes, just keep some cut up and tied off panty-hose where you take your shoes off and slip them over the opening when you take them off. Then you shouldn't have a problem. Or do what I do and stick to flip flops :) 

Shutterbug --- 12 years ago -

I hadn't even thought about pantyhose over the shoe opening~ that's a great idea! 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

I started that with my husband during his deployments. Spiders and scorpions in boots were common so I would send him knee-highs to put over the tops of his boots. I was worried he might catch crap for having pantyhose but the other guys saw how it worked and started asking for their own. Then they started asking us to send them to put over their weapons and certain car parts to keep sand out. 

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