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who's talking here?

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tish --- 7 years ago -

Who uses what and specifically for those in Lawton and Elgin area? I have tmobile and it gets NO SIGNAL in Elgin. I am interested particularly in StraightTalk or a non-contract, what is your input? 

whoanow --- 7 years ago -

I use StraightTalk and I have no issues. It's a great idea if your just using two phones, because the card is 30 or 45 depending on if you use internet. If you go over 2 phones it'd be cheaper to use a company. 

tish --- 7 years ago -

thanks! i'll have to check into if it gets signal in this area... 

Shelley S --- 7 years ago -

I have tmobile and I get great service in Lawton, but haven't been to Elgin. Seems to be ATnT country around here and maybe Verizon? 

tish --- 7 years ago -

ok i am soooo against at&t, their just greedy. i shouldn't say that but i feel that way. i used to be with a company called dobson cellular, then at&t bought them out, then switched to cellular one, at&t bought them out, then cingular, and yes at&t again, and incase you haven't heard for tmobile......yup you guessed it right, at&t bought them out. my work phone is at&t and i am not to pleased with some of their coverage area either, but i guess i've grown more and more bitter towards them but you can see why. then again, it's just me i'm a strange i am definitely getting rid of my tmobile, not by choice, but because they dont have coverage here in elgin. someone mentioned us cellular, guess i will try them...not sure yet. 

Shelley S --- 7 years ago -

I worked for a call center in Kansas that was at&t/cingular/at&t well you get the idea lol

I have a boost mobile phone as a backup and it uses sprint network and so far I have had pretty good coverage with them, but again, haven't really been out of town short of just traveling and didn't pay attention to coverage until I got to where I was going. 

Jess --- 7 years ago -

I have Verizon and I get great service in lawton! They are a little pricey if you have more than two lines though. 

tish --- 7 years ago -

******UPDATE***** So i waited until black friday, bought the 40 dollar touch screen motorola for straight talk, and i must say i am very pleased thus far. i DO get reception here in elgin, and with tax and all it was like $33 and some change for the card for my 1000 minutes and 1000 txt and 30mb of data. they of course have the $45 which is unlimited everything, minutes, txt, and data, which comes to about $47 and just cant beat that!!! i am SOOOOOO excited! i have my mom one to, i used to have her on my plan and always paid around 120 each month but now its like 65 for the both of us!!! anywho, i wanted to share, just letting you know....might be worth a! 

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