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Excessive Flagging

who's talking here?

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SophisticatedSweets --- 10 years ago -

Is anyone else having problems with excessive flagging? I have been considering posting my cakes under the business portion of bookoo, but that would be rather frustrating to post and have an item flagged. Ive posted on bookoo since 2009 and have never had so many flags in the past 3 years as I have the pay week! Craziness. :/ 

tish --- 10 years ago -

hey brooke! or atleast i think its you??? i will tell you what i did notice as soon as you started posting again.....all the other cake people did too. just like last time with whats her name? i'm not sure if she still lives around here but remember all that drama??? its like they just sit behind that screen and as soon as they get their chance......well you get my point. maybe you should contact adam and austin, if this is you brooke, then yes i myself can vouch that you've been here forever, both you and your husband....i wondered what had happened to you!!! hope all is well your way, keep your head up and keep posting, they have to get over it eventually...or atleast i think 

Shutterbug --- 10 years ago -

Some people just seem to have nothing better to do with their time than to flag people's ads. It's just like the thing with all of the photography ads, Scentsy ads, etc... If you post, you can be sure that someone else will try and post their business right above you to try and get people to go to them. It does get annoying, but not really anything you can do about it, since everyone is wanting to advertise their business or goods.

I think the only things I ever flagged, were when someone would try to post an a dog or cat for sale over the allowed amount for a rehoming fee. I don't even do that anymore. I figure that if I don't, someone else will.

So, I say post away, and keep doing what you do! 

Shelley S --- 10 years ago -

Yep sounds like jealous people to me. I have noticed that with any product or hand/home made items, when one person posts, seems everyone else who has the same type things come out of the woodwork.

I say post what you do and if you keep getting flagged contact the admins to see if they can tell you exactly why you are being flagged. Again, sounds like jealousy to me. :( 

SophisticatedSweets --- 10 years ago -

Hey there Tish!! It is Brooke. How have you been? All that nonsensical drama was the main reason I stopped advertising on bookoo the first time around. :/ Nobody wants that kind of negativity reflecting on their business. Unfortunately, with the way the economy is, free advertising is awesome advertising. Just stinks that there is such pettiness in order to obtain some business. Oh well- I figure I'll give it another go and, if I keep getting flagged, I'll email admin. How have you been? I hadn't been in underground in quite some time. Where has everyone gone?? 

SophisticatedSweets --- 10 years ago -

@Shutterbug- Funny thing with cakes is, everyone's style is different so, technically, we all have something great to offer!! It just depends on what type of cake the user is seeking. It is along the same lines with photographers- look through their photos to get an idea of their style/flare and proceed from there. With scentsy, I am sure that has to be difficult. When the product first came out I had considered selling as I had loved it so much, but seeing all of the consultants come out of the woodwork made me reconsider. Are you enjoying selling scentsy products? I'd spend all of my earnings on new scentsy products for myself. lol Btw- I have seen some of your prior posts. Are you happy to be back in Lawton? And, are you still doing photography? If so, do you have a facebook link? 

SophisticatedSweets --- 10 years ago -

@ Shelly, if it keeps up I may have to consider that route. I might just kick them an email anyways to confirm flagging policies for business ads. If I spent $3 per ad, I might get a bit peeved if it was flagged and removed for nonsensical reasoning!! Everyone wants to make money and build their business, but if everyone worked together, instead of against each other, I think they'd all find that there was plenty to go around. 

jlgg --- 5 years ago -

This comment has been flagged as spam 

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