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who's talking here?

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tish --- 10 years ago -

What is it with people posting items and putting NO price and just listing an item for "obo" or "best offer" then if you do contact them on a price, they more than likely get offended. I try really hard not to offend people and those of that I've bought from before will tell you that I don't try to talk you down. I usually pay asking price unless I do see an obo next to the item then I'll ask like $5 less than asking price, where as to some people I know will go and do up to $20 less than what someone is asking for their item, believe me I know from experience. So let me know your thoughts, am I wrong for gruntin' around about this? And, another thing, I have seem some pretty outrageous priced items on bookoo lately. I think sometimes people tend to forget that this is a "yard sale" sight. I realize there may be large items that yes, they will run for hundreds, even thousands in the dollar range, but like a bedspread/comforter for $300? Sorry had to get that out.. Oh and one other thing, does anyone know anything in respect to the posts that are from like clarksville, jacksonville, etc? I'll flag becuase I know they can't be real, but then I that stupid little notice that I am not flagging right...I've become so disappointed with bookoo lately, just not what it used to be....(sigh) ok glad I got that all out! Have a good day! 

Shelley S --- 10 years ago -

I honestly just skip right over the items only listed OBO because I feel like they should give me a starting point. I'm not good at offers so I have no idea what's good or offensive.

My rant is the puppy sales, huge rehoming fees etc. I'm not in the market for a dog but man it seems the same posters have puppies every few months. 

tish --- 10 years ago -

Ahhhhhhh yes, the pups.....don't even get me started, that subject just really works me up, lol, but yes I am on the same boat you are Shelley S. I didn't realize it was the same people posting but I do agree with the fees and all, will have to pay more attention. 

Shelley S --- 10 years ago -

I dont think many read the rules before posting, puppy sales are not allowed anyway.

This is from the Prohibited List

Puppy sales are forbidden (free is ok, but specify "free" as the price). We recognize that pets need homes, and thus we allow individual adoption postings for under $100 for dogs over one year of age. Anything else that may have the appearance otherwise will likely be flagged and removed. Additionally, stud services are prohibited. All animal sales are forbidden on military bases/posts (it's illegal). The breeding and raising of pets on Government property for the express purpose of profit is prohibited. All pet listings must have prices. If there is no price, then it must explicitly say "FREE". No wanted listings for pets may be posted. 

jlgg --- 5 years ago -

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