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I joined this crazy place on 2009-08-31, 13 years ago.

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SAY NO TO WHATS GOING ON - 11 years ago

There have always been pages like that. Again, I think is the "for troops" part that is attracting more attention. Another difference with this is that wih FB you can indeed contact people but all the...

SAY NO TO WHATS GOING ON - 11 years ago

You must be talking about the "Knockers for the Troops" page on Facebook. I don't see what the big deal with the page is. Maybe is the "for the troops" part that makes it seem wrong but what you see o...


I'm having the same problem. I thought the issue was resolved


EEEEWWWWW, that is just nasty! See, that is why it there should be a "be aware" list for sellers like that! I wouldn't want to want from anyone that has an infestation of roaches!

list & rate your sellers/buyers here - 11 years ago

Actually it't not in the underground. You just can't do it in the sill.bookoo site. Besides, people do stuff on the site they're not supposed to do anyways i.e. selling pups, unlicensed babysitting, p...

How 'bout I post my complaint here! - 11 years ago

It must be the heat that is causing people to not show up...oh wait...they've always done that! All the no shows and low balling, are making me not want to sell on bookoo anymore. I'd gladly give up s...

$20-30 for a CAKE?? - 11 years ago

$30 for a custom made cake? Seriously? The ingredients alone might cost that much! Add to that the electricity/gas you're going to spend in the baking plus the time and effort!

Car prices are ridiculous! - 11 years ago

I dont mind country at all so I'm going to check it out! I would have never thought of Chickasha so Thanks so much!

Car prices are ridiculous! - 11 years ago

@Timekillshearts: Hmmm...Definitely not looking for a new car; just need seomthing for hubby to get to and from work. @Shutterbug: I stopped by that lot and they did have some nice cars but they w...

CAN YOU HELP? - 11 years ago

You can buy them at any of the optical offices in town. They'll run you $38-$42 for a box of 6. I think they're all closed tomorrow though :(

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