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Madison's Mommy and Joe's Baby

I joined this crazy place on 2010-03-31, 13 years ago.

» save Madison's Mommy and Joe's Baby as my FRIEND - HOSER

Ive been reading this drama for so long, I decided to join in the fun! Got a new baby. born in feb, always lookin for someone who would like to go out and jog with us or something.

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Food Help (NOT asking for donations/hand outs) - 12 years ago

My father is going through a tough time and I would like to help him out with Thanksgiving dinner. I haven't been in Lawton for almost 2 years, so Im baffled. I'm looking for a place that I could p...

Antiques - 12 years ago

I used to sale to a guy and gal on bookoo. They only bought antiques. My dad has an early 1900s Magyar washer. One of the first with motors. It was my mothers and he gets upset looking at it. He w...

If you're buying from me - 12 years ago

My family had an emergency and we were unable to sell my items. Dora bean bag chair Grace monitor Psp games I am so sorry and I haven't been able to get these back online. My sister that has t...

Advice please: Comanche? or Southwestern? - 13 years ago

I had my daughter feb of this year at CCMH. I had an amazing experience. The food was really good and the staff were great. My nurse was really kind and did not leave my room throughout my entire lab...

Dog Training - 13 years ago

Not back in town yet, but should be by the new year. I'm actually kinda missin Lawton. Didn't think that would happen LoL! How's everyone here?

Dog Training - 13 years ago

I noticed mention of a new dog park built in Lawton. Hearing it made me think of my sister's Jack Russell who is extremely hyper and untrained. I was talking to her about her wanting to bring him to t...

Opinions.. What do you expect of a seller.. - 13 years ago

@tish, I would LOVE to be the keeper of the black list. It would be incredibly hard for someone to follow me or my family.

Starting a bow shop - 13 years ago

ive openly ran a legal online store, but i know most things you need to open an actual store as i plan on it when i move.

Puppy Love - 13 years ago

lol not chi yorkies - i seen a couple posts in the florida craigslist that said chorkies, and yorkchies lol i thought it was hilarious. In all my books and studies I find most pups dont go into he...

Starting a bow shop - 13 years ago

what kind of help are u needing?

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