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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-07, 11 years ago.

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I hate to do it, but... - 11 years ago

I go to JCPenny's too, however I go to Rhonda. I show her a picture of what I want and it looks amazing. I'm not sure about Bliss, but I know Rhonda is amazing.


I use StraightTalk and I have no issues. It's a great idea if your just using two phones, because the card is 30 or 45 depending on if you use internet. If you go over 2 phones it'd be cheaper to use ...

underground missing? - 11 years ago

I just type in it's worked for me.

- 11 years ago

at Cameron University for the high schoolers. I was wondering if it was safe for me to go by myself. My husband is training in the field until wednesday and I don't want to stay at home BUT I don't wa...

Just got a puppy from the pet shelter on post... - 11 years ago

it's across the street from the vet's office, you have to be really paying attention or you think it's just another building. haha

SAY NO TO WHATS GOING ON - 11 years ago

I agree that posting nude pictures like that is wrong. But I think it's wrong for any married man, not just military. I know that some married couples don't have a problem with their spouse looking at...

Just got a puppy from the pet shelter on post... - 11 years ago

I can understan that situation, no one wants a vicious dog. It's just crazy, I'm sitting here looking at one of the most sweetest, easy-going dogs, I've ever met. I just can't believe that person didn...

Just got a puppy from the pet shelter on post... - 11 years ago

and I remember a post earlier about someone on bookoo trying to sell their dog. On my dog's paper, it had said that she had been dropped of by a family because she put her paws on the counter tops. Le...

NAME CHANGE: *a3592071uu* is now *whoanow* - 11 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change

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