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I joined this crazy place on 2010-08-26, 8 years ago.

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Trick or Treating - 8 years ago

dang poor kids are goin to have to run to get candy!! 6-8 thats not that long especially driving across town and stuff...i remember when i went (early 90's) it was as early as we got out of school til...

Trick or Treating - 8 years ago

i wish somebody would answer this lol i would almost bet its saturday night though

What do you think sellers mean when they say NO HOLDS?!? - 8 years ago

if somebody asks me about my stuff i give them the benifit of the doubt but will only "hold it" a day and then im sorry if somebody else comes and wants it then that what happens BUT if they ask and t...

quick question - 8 years ago

i guess its like everything else something to debate about lol but the way i was explained is we did have to pay on our stuff so thats what im goin off of but your posting says different...i just dont...

quick question - 8 years ago

well thats not what i got!! that says you dont have to pay..the one i have says you have to pay and gave me a tax sheet

quick question - 8 years ago

but for your own stuff you just paid for? i own a business and i dont get taxed for the stuff i BUY but in return charge tax on what i sell thats completely different than buying something and paying ...

quick question - 8 years ago

yep and you will get fined if you get caught without wouldnt suprise me if they sent out undercover garage sellers lol seriously!!

quick question - 8 years ago

yes you can get them from the newspaper i believe...and you will have to pay taxes on what you sell..which somebody asked a good question..isnt that considered DOUBLE taxing? i would like some...

Help planning my sons 1st birthday - 8 years ago

no theres def not anything for them to do except the bigger kids all gave him their tickets so he got a REALLY big cars toy so he was excited!! i didnt find anything around here fit for a little one a...

"Death and Taxes" Beware-- Is re-selling really that bad? - 8 years ago

i for one think its great what you are doing!! and i am one that is torn on the situation..on one hand if i give it away or sell it then thats my problem and its theirs now..on the other hand if i do ...

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