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What do you think sellers mean when they say NO HOLDS?!?

who's talking here?

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Leslie --- 11 years ago -

Ok is this just me or when someone post NO HOLDS that means its for who ever they give it to first right. So if all my items say NO HOLDS clearly then how in the world can I possibly sell something from under a person.. seriously.. this exactly why I put NO HOLDS so no one has any right to any of my items and no items belonged to any specific buyer. they are for whom ever I sell to first. RIGHT!!

I mean is that not what that means because thats what I mean when I put NO HOLDS On my items. I have been putting NO HOLDS on my stuff for over a year..

just had a lady go on and on about how she wanted to buy my stuff and she was messaging me about them and she was gonna come and get them but I sold them up from under her and thats shady selling and blah blah blah. All because she was chatting me up about these certain items as I was selling them to someone else.. Well hello thats what bo holds means it means that I can write to 5 different people and tell them all my items is still available because it is. I clearly put it will be deleted when sold.. And I clearly remember her stating that she was low on cash (those were exact words) but not she states she had the money and was goung right to the ATM after we finished chatting. I mean seriously thats just rediculous you cant be low on cash and going to the ATM to get $60 at the same time having $60 is not low on cash having $30 but wanting somethng for $60 is low on cash.
she was literally making this full blown argument about my items. I mean seriously are things that bad now that you have to argue with people about how they choose to sell stuff.

She was literally making this full blown argument about my items. I just had to close my chatarama because I found it truely childish for a women to argue with me about this.

But serioulsy what you guys think if Im wrong then tell me.

geese Im so annoyed this is exactly why I put no holds because of all the stupid drama created because of people thinking they are entitled to certain things. Sometimes I wonder if the kids are letting the parents get on their bookoo accounts serioulsy because that what she sounded like a kid who was mad because she couldnt the new pair of shoes that everyone else at school 

Danniella --- 11 years ago -

I think that you have the right to say no holds. The person wanting to buy from you is taking a risk by not dropping everything to come get the items. Maybe it wouldn't be fair if they had texted you and were on their way and when they got there 2 min later the item was gone... but they would be taking that chance. It's definately not fair for someone to hold an item for somebody who just never shows up. I totally agree with you. Sounds like the kids are on their parents account! 

Leslie --- 11 years ago -

No if they are on there way I hold for how long they tell me it takes to get here and I stay in contact with them and give them directions and such. No holds means to me that even if you want the items if someone is willing to come now then I will sell it to

shes stilla rguring with me on bookoo by the way. lol 

tonya --- 11 years ago -

if somebody asks me about my stuff i give them the benifit of the doubt but will only "hold it" a day and then im sorry if somebody else comes and wants it then that what happens BUT if they ask and then 10 min later somebody else asks and says ill be right there then its i guess its really not on hold that way but ill give you a day unless somebody else asks 

Glenna --- 11 years ago -

I, as a buyer, do everything I can to come as quickly as possible. However I have a baby and can't drop everything (especially naptime) so if that's the case then I will ask the seller if they can hold(typically no more than 2 hours.) If not, I get it, but if they said sure and then sold it before that time I would consider selling it out from under me. A little understanding from a seller never hurts and I always appreciate it.

As a seller, I try to extend that same understanding that I've been lucky to receive without being taken advantage of. I will hold an item until the time they told me they could be here. I tell them bluntly, because I've had more than my share of no-shows, that if they aren't here then I will contact the next person. Of course, this is all contingent on if they are keeping in contact with me. Unless they've abused even that, which I have had happen as well. And I normally don't do 'holds' unless they pick up within a reasonable amount of time, mostly the same day. Unless I've sold to them before without a problem.

Geez, now I feel like I've unwittingly come up with some kind of bookoo matrix for myself! 

Leslie --- 11 years ago -

lol.. I understand what your saying. But I have a no holds policy and its firm for sellers Im not familiar with. out of 20 people that inquire about my items and say they really want them only about 3 people actually show up. I hold the items for someone for a while and potentially lose out on other buyers that have lost interest. In my opinion if you really want something you will make an effort as you said 2 hours or so.
But the thing about this particular situation is she specifically said Im low on cash. How does someone interpret that. I interpreted it as I dont have what your asking for those items but I really want your items. And to be exact I emailed her saturday about my items that she had inquired about and never heard back from her. She said my email went to her spam folder. That could be true but then again it could be a lie. I dont know.

I messaged her on bookoo asking about one of her items and she said oh I was intersted in some of your items too maybe we can trade. while she was figuring out what the items were I got a chat message (email)from someone who wanted to come look at some baby clothes. i didnt know whats sizes the lady wanted she didnt mention a size she just said baby clothes. I said yes they are available because they ALL were. I gave her my number and address. as she was driving to myhome she was texing me about all the stuff she wanted. By this time theother lady on bookoo told me she wanted my lot of 18-24 and 2T. the other lady texing me said she was interested in 12-18 and 18-24. I wasnt going to turn her around she was already on her way. And if the lady on bookoo wouldve checked her email over the weekend she wouldve seen that I emailed her twice about my items. 2 emails so that means 1 went to spam andthe other went to regular email.
I was up front and told her Im chatting with someone that wanted the same stuff as her and she said oh no mark it sold. Im not going to mark something sold when I already gave someone else my address. I told her maybe the other lady wont show up.. but she did and purchased quite a few of the items.
Im sorry but if you tell me your low on cash that means to me that you dont have the money for my items. Also in all fairness I dont sell items on people that are on there way to pick it up. i wait until they get here and if they dont show I text them and ask them if they are still coming; if they dont respond I go to the next person. But I gave the lady who came to buy my stuff the address before I did to the lady who is pissed off at me.
This no holds policy is due to the high volume of no shows who force us to hold onto our items forever and ever and never come to buy. If your serious about buying something you will make time or at least tell me up front you cant make it and I will tell those few that cant make it, text me tomorrow to see if my stuff is still available. I never say i will hold an ite unless your on your way. Itold this lady Iw ill hold on to them for her after the other lady got my address. I told her whatever she didnt buy i will hold on to it and I did. But I told her text me tonight while Im in school so we can talk about the tarde and whatever and do you think she did so she didnt so the next morning I sold some more stuff. If you really want these items you should be on top of it and messaging the seller when you should. And I do some holds for people who have purchased from me before.

uhhh that felt good to get it all out 

Penelope --- 11 years ago -

I understand your no holds policy but am wondering if someone says they are coming to pick up do you put PPU? I put that and then sold when the person actually picks it up. Another thing, if that person said your e-mail went to her spam folder then she must not have been on bookoo for long because that is one of the first things they tell you about. Check your spam folder and chnage your settings so e-mails will go to your regular email. 

Leslie --- 11 years ago -

Well shes been a member for over a year. But it couldve been true I dont know. When someone is on there way topick up my items do not mark hold if someone one calls me I tell them someone is on there way to pick up if they dont show I will call you back. If they email me and someone is already on there way to pick up I dont answer the email until the person has significantly passed the time they said theyw ill be here. Trust me I give people plenty of time. I just thought she was flaky on the whole situation since she acted like she was so interested but yet never responded to either one of my emails since saturday.
I mark my posting sold once its been picked up. I only mark PPU If Im holding something for someone; but they have to be someone Ive dealt with before for me to hold. 

Shelly --- 11 years ago -

I totally agree with the "No Holds" policy you have Leslie even if I lost that whole "POOH" set! :-{ But that was my fault for not communication with you on Monday and that is when it sold. Of course I was upset but not at you at myself for letting that skip my mind! All I gotta say is people need to take responsibility and quit blaming the seller when the items they want sell from underneath them especially when the seller has given 1 or 2 days.
I believe communicaton is key! If you don't communicate you will lose out! Simple as that!!

Leslie you have a very good rep on here and everyone that's been here any amount of time knows you have a big heart, your stuff is very clean, stain free, and in like new condition. You are very honest with your listings, you list if t has a hole, stain ect and that is the kind of sellers we need here! I had a very bad experience just this past weekend with cockroaches flooding out of a baby car seat when I took the cover off at the laundry mat to wash it THANK GOD I was there and not at my house! 

Leslie --- 11 years ago -

Thank you Shelly.

Ive had bad experiences too with buying toys for my kids and they are just nasty like theyve been outside and t hey are inside toys (ARGGG). I dislike it when the seller does not post that it needs cleaning or that the clothing is stained.

I had a situation where this lady had 3T jackets for $3 each from oldnavy and I brought all 3. she said in great condition. well my husband picked them up and when he got home I inspected them and there was a huge stain the size of texas on the sweater. How in the world can you miss something like that. Then I contacted her to let her know and guess what she never responded. (go figure)
Also just some advice. Clothes that are slightly faded are not in great condition they are in good condition maybe even Ok depending on how faded. I had a lady post a 18-24 month baby boy lot I only purchased this because she said they were in great to new for one the shirts were 18-24 but looked and fit like 12-18. and most of the stuff was faded badly and had stains. I threw more than half straight to the trash and sold the rest for half what I paid. :-), sellers need to be more honest and some buyers nee dto grow up, your not entitled to anything on here, we can sell to whom we choose. 

jlgg --- 5 years ago -

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