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I joined this crazy place on 2010-08-25, 8 years ago.

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Anyone live in cache or know someone? - 8 years ago

Yep Debbie Dos is where we get all ours also there is a place on Cache called Spirits that have everything for every school! I would try there first. If you have time and patience then Debbie Dos is a...

Starbuck's new taste - 8 years ago

I just buy the Chai Eggnog Latte or the captain crunch frap..soo yummy for my tummy!!! I havent tried their straight coffee, I am not a big fan of it

Hissy Fitz (in the mall) - 8 years ago

There is a couple bow people I know that do awesome work..."Bows by Julliane" and then there is another seller on here that is awesome. SHe makes bows and tutus and very cheap not much more than what ...

good food? - 8 years ago

KOBES is our favorite place to eat then it would be Biancos off 2nd street by the mall! YUMMY!

I'm tired of hearing people cheating on their spouse - 8 years ago

Ditto on this topic!! My only 2 friends that turned into best friends were cheating and I had know clue until it was announced so I just seperated my friendship from them. There was just too much dram...

Information Needed about Lawton - 8 years ago

If you get a SOCAD agreement all your credits will transfer if you are military. I had classes from all over and finally finshed my degree in 2008 and all my credits counted. Go to the ED center and s...

Iphone ?s - 8 years ago

I have the DroidX, Verizon's version of the iPhone and I LOVE it!! I can keep up with new posting on BooKoo and monitor my ebay auctions, I HATE getting snipped at the last second! I am always using m...

quick question - 8 years ago

I will be out there with all my stuff!! I will be at Melissa's 5047 B Perez Road! I am selling everything in my house except for the furniture items, hubby and the kids! They all have to stay and move...

quick question - 8 years ago

Yep that who the law is intended for the resellers/dealers not us who want to have 1 or 2 measly garage sales. That is Oklahoma though, states have their own laws like IL where I am from you have to t...

Ft.Sill Post wide garage sale.. - 8 years ago

Oh yeah and all the lots are COMPLETLY filled up. No more permits being issued! So far I was told about 50% of housing is having their own garage sales too so it will be heaven on Saturday for some of...

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