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good food?

who's talking here?

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Mary --- 12 years ago -

Hi Girls! :)
My husband and I recently got stationed here. I was wondering what the best restaurants are around here. you know not like olive garden and red lobster but local joints.
Any ideas? 

Bridget --- 12 years ago -

the greek restaurant !!!
right next to t he motel 8
nice candlelight quiet dinner ! 

brit --- 12 years ago -

Hong kong Buffet is really super good. The crab legs are usually pretty amazing. Salas' mexican resturaunt is really good. Kobe's steak house is amazing but its pretty costly. We have a texas road house coming up right next to kobes on cache road by carmike theatre. Buffalo wildwings, Santa fe. Cracker Barrel, Applebees. There are more that I cant think of. If your up for some pretty scenery before it gets too cold you could make your way out to medicine park. You have options of The old plantation, Riverside Cafe and Meers. So yea,I hope these help some.
Sorry about punctuation and such. 

Mary --- 12 years ago -

Thank you so much! :) 

Danniella --- 12 years ago -

yes the El Greco and Kobe's are awesome! Also try CG's international restaurant on Cache, Pusan Korean Restaurant on Sheridan, and of course Atlanta Bread. My husband and I have tried out tons of the places around here in the last 6 years and those are by far our favorites (including Hong Kong Buffet) for food and service. 

Krystal --- 12 years ago -

Burgess Grill
617 SW C Ave 

Shelly --- 12 years ago -

KOBES is our favorite place to eat then it would be Biancos off 2nd street by the mall! YUMMY! 

Danniella --- 12 years ago -

Biancos must have changed? We went there several years ago and it was dark and looked like the front for a mob. The food tasted like it came out of cans... Has it changed? 

tish --- 12 years ago -

BIG FAT LOL!!!!!! that is so funny Danniella but true now that i think of it.... i did like their food, but thats been like a year since i went. anyways just had to comment on yours... funny! 

Timekillshearts --- 12 years ago -

We LOVE Hong Kong buffet and have yet to find a good delivery place for chinese. We like the Golden Corral too. Basically we like these places because kids eat free and our son eats more than us and they're all you can eat. So our son can eat and eat and eat, and it only costs us like $22 with drinks at HKB, and GC is like $30 with drinks if I recall correctly.
The taco bells here suck. We LOVE taco bell but every time we've gone [at least 5 times since we've moved here a month ago], both ones off post have messed up our order each time. =[ 

Mary --- 12 years ago -

Yah... I have had the same problem with sonic. I LOVE sonic but for some reason here every time we get it it tastes nasty. And I think my fav now that thanks to you all is the HCB. I LOVE it. And like you said with three children under the age of five its easier than going to some where where you have to wait for your food. :) 

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