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Jess --- 8 years ago -

So my husband and I have been looking for rental houses in Lawton...we called the police station like the lady at housing told us to and basically the whole 3 square miles around Ft. Sill blvd. are BAD.

Outside of that though, there aren't too many houses for rent (at least not with our SGT BAH.)

Any advice? =] 

Iamcleaningouthouse --- 8 years ago -

Ok so the police station is probably right about that but people still live around that area and they are doing

I think the best bet would be is to probably buy a home. Thats what we ended up doing because the apartment buildings were not to my standard so we couldnt live in one and the nice ones they do have are like $700 to $750 a month and it does not include utilities. SO we ended up having to buy a home. Which is not too bad.
I have a list of names of people that are selling their homes but not through a realtor its only abouta month old since we just purchased our home. they are all military families. the reason why I wanted to buy a home from a military family is because depending on their loan you can just take the loan they have and put it under your name without closing cost form fees or anything of that other stuff. With the economy being the way it is that was the best bet for us. If your interested in that let me know, otherwise you might have to wait til you get here to see what they have for rent because the wait list to get on post is just rediculous. Well buying a house was what worked for us not sure what will work for you guys. 

Iamcleaningouthouse --- 8 years ago -

oh the people that are selling thier homes without a realtor they are just doing a for ale by owner so they dont have to pay realtor fees.. lol hope I didnt confuse you earlier 

Brandon --- 8 years ago -

the owner of my house is going to be renting my house out in a month and they also have it for sale by owner. if you would like her number let me know. its a 3 bed 1 bath. my email is 

Leslie --- 8 years ago -

Hi not sure if your interested but I live on the eastside of lawton which is a pretty nice area especially compared to the areas you were speaking of. My neighbor down the street has a for sale by owner.. 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath.. 1700 square foot the paper says. Hes looking to sell to a military family to sign over his VA loan he pays $750 a month.. theirs no number on the paper it just say to stop by anytime if you want to know the address let me know..

Alos there are a bunch of houses for rent and sale in the local newspaper 

Glenna --- 8 years ago -

have you tried we found our house through there. There are a few in my neighborhood but I don't know the prices. I'd be happy to gather a few numbers when I pass signs. Our neighborhood is ok but it's safe. 

Just sayin' --- 8 years ago -

I'm in the same position looking for housing but we have a pitbull and it's close to impossible to find a place to rent and buying isn't an option for us at this time. Our dog is part of our family I just wish it was easier. If anyone knows of anyone that would rent to someone with a pit would you please let me know. She is a 70 lb lap dog and wonderful with our 19 month old twins and I would be happy for anyone to do a meet and greet with her. Thanks. 

JessiKay --- 8 years ago -

Thankyou guys! I did look on AHRN, and I actually found a house on the east side of Lawton south of Lee, we're going to look at it tomorrow. I'm paranoid about buying a house because with the military you never know when you will move and with this economy, I would be so afraid we couldn't rent out or sale when we needed to! 

felisha --- 8 years ago -

We just relocated here from Hawaii. I had a very hard time finding a house when we arrived here. It was even more difficult trying to find a house in a good school district. We moved into a rental house in the rolling hills area which is Bishop school district. I like it, but is was a tad more than we wanted to spend. We pay 1100 a month, and we rented through Century 21. 

nancy --- 8 years ago -

hi we just moved here from Ft. Campbell and we found a place's on the Southeast part (i guess.. they say it so far so good..we rent cuz we don't wanna buy 750 the house isn't that bad..privacy fence and all..anyhow, my cousin was stationed here bought a house he can't sell and ended up renting it out..he's the one who told us what areas are good/decent..the guys also have briefings on the areas to avoid..and YES i've notice crazy areas went through brandon ramirez at larson realty.. BTW there are cute houses around my street SE Sunnymeade dr...check them of luck 

a3435860uu --- 8 years ago -

Yuck? You sound so stuck up. And for 750 a month you arent getting a gem of a house. We live on the South East side and own our home, we love it here. But then again we arent stuck up. Oklahoma is an amazing state if you explore it. Go see the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Its beautiful. And as far as housing stay as far aways as possible from renting from Sundance rentals they are slum lords and should be blacklisted. The best school district is MacArthur on the east side. 

JessiKay --- 8 years ago -

Well we ended up going through Sundance (it seems they are nice).My husband and I were born and raised in OK...but we grew up in OKC,so we don't know a lot about Lawton. We found a house south of Lee not too far from 44 for $850 a month...its a really nice quiet area. So I hope it all works out. I've heard lots of good things about Ft. Sill...I just pray it is nothing like Fort Lewis, WA. HATED that place! 

ashley --- 8 years ago -

If ur still looking for a place email me at my landlord has a rental for rent pretty cheap will give u deal tails if ur still looking... 

soldrswife --- 8 years ago -

Welcome to Sill! We just found our house a week ago and we love it! We went through Sundance too. Although we got EXCELLENT customer service at Home Finders of Lawton, they just did not have a big enough house for us( we have 4 kids). As far as Sundance being slumlords... most of the houses we looked at were pretty decent and they have fixed everything that we asked when they did our move in inspection on Monday. Everyone has different experiences with different companies though. 

melissa --- 8 years ago -

I must tell you in NORTH LAWTONS DEFENSE.... I live about 6 blocks south of Ft.Sill. I have lived in my home for 11 years. I have lived on this block since i was 6 years old!! It is not a fancy todo, but it IS NOT as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I have never had any problems. Welcome to Lawton/Ft. sill! 

Hooah Wifey --- 8 years ago -

I'm pcsing to Lewis n can't wait to leave this place. We came here from Campbell n this place is BORING unless u drive to the City or TX there's not much to do close by. I live on post n is too quiet here. We are trying to get a house on Lewis right away because my son is EFMP so hopefully we get that quick. I'm the only one in my street that is not new here but all the houses around me are empty n they go tell ppl that there's nothing available. 

Krystal --- 8 years ago -

There are other options too. We live in Elgin and it has a great school. Its only about 15 minutes from Ft. Sill. There are other small towns too that you could chooose from. It just depends on what you prefer. 

MacKinnon --- 7 years ago -

try That's where we found our house. 

MacKinnon --- 7 years ago -

felisha - we looked at 60 houses when we moved here. Seriously. We found 1 that met our standards. lol 

9829Felisha9829 --- 7 years ago -


felisha --- 7 years ago -

Yeah I understand. The house we moved in to is fine, but it is too small especially for the price. After our lease is up August 1st we are moving. I just don't know if I want to stay in this area or not because I want my son to go to a good school. Bishop seems good so far, but I don't know if there is a better choice. 

Leslie --- 7 years ago -

I personally prefer the schools on the eastside 

MacKinnon --- 7 years ago -

We live on the east side as well. My kids go to pioneer park and we really like the school. there are a few places up for rent in my neighborhood as well. 

Sharon --- 7 years ago -

I pulled my kids out of Lawton Public School system. I drive them out to Elgin 

Jess --- 7 years ago -

Hooah Wifey- I don't know what your husbands MOS is...but I pray for your sake it isn't 13M! My husband was in 17FIRES and IT WAS AWFUL!!!

They make them stay at work until 6pm and all they do is sit around the battery. The younger guys are MORONS and the senior NCO's have no clue what's going on. They deployed to Afghanistan 09-10 and it was the most unorganized deployment I have ever seen. I'm SO happy we are at Fort Sill and away from that place. Traffic is horrible, cost of living is WAY too much, and the people are hateful.

On post housing is good though I will say. My husband is an E5 and we lived in New Hillside. Its a nice area. 

Jess --- 7 years ago -

We live in a neighborhood on the SW side, close to Bishop schools...any advice on it? My son will be going to school in a year and I don't want him in a bad district! 

felisha --- 7 years ago -

A great website for schools is 

felisha --- 7 years ago -

We just moved in that area as well.. We live on Hickory :) 

Jess --- 7 years ago -

That's cool! We live on Mesquite. Its such a quiet area! 

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