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I joined this crazy place on 2010-01-25, 9 years ago.

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I just changed my name to match my new email address and my new screen name on bookoo but Im still Brooks just a new name. I needed a change my other email gets full of spam mails and I just got fed up of h aving so much mail in one day from spam.

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New to Ft Sill Coming from Ft. Lewis - 8 years ago

oh the people that are selling thier homes without a realtor they are just doing a for ale by owner so they dont have to pay realtor fees.. lol hope I didnt confuse you earlier

New to Ft Sill Coming from Ft. Lewis - 8 years ago

Ok so the police station is probably right about that but people still live around that area and they are doing I think the best bet would be is to probably buy a home. Thats what we en...

them ugly stretch marks ladies!!! - 8 years ago

lol good one maryjane. Its also fun to read your post!

them ugly stretch marks ladies!!! - 8 years ago

oh you already deleted

them ugly stretch marks ladies!!! - 8 years ago

I dont think it was TMI, you were just being honest. IM sure a lot of women have been wondering the same thing but never got the nere to ask. I woulld leave this up someone may get some good advice.. ...

The Homefront Club - 8 years ago

First of all why would giving a soldiers unit be a violation of OPSEC when the soldiers where patches that clearly define what unit they are in, also each unit is now getting on FB and all there infor...

The Homefront Club - 8 years ago

I just wanted to say that georgia girl your a dumb a$$ for believing the E-7 next door to you and then repeating what he said if this so called E-& even exits. If units and numbers cant be shared on t...

I have a question - 8 years ago

My daughter just got one for her 4th birthday in march from my mom and she loves it and she really takes care of hers and she's only four. I showed her how to comb her hair and how she should be treat...

Sophisticated Sweets is Returning to SYS!! - 8 years ago

REESE, you said "No one pays that much for a stupid cake".. its sad thatyour making such a big deal about this when its for your kids 1st birthday. this is for your kid of course its worth it. Its als...


WOW! Brooke I wouldve loved that cake for my daughters birthday. It os beautiful. i wouldvce easily paid that $50 and gave you a tip. it is so beautiful but yet simple in its own way. Ithink its perfe...

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