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Dish/Direct tv??

who's talking here?

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Jess --- 11 years ago -

I have fidelity now and to say they suck is an understatement. oklahoma is really windy and stormy though so I'm not sure if i should switch to dish or direct tv. Any advice? 

Shelley S --- 11 years ago -

I feel your pain on Fidelity, I need them to do something about my cable...I can't get any of my hd channels anymore like I did when they first came out, can't get half the other channels, says something like will be back on shortly, but never does, about fed up and only been here since the end of July, ugh 

Glenna --- 11 years ago -

We have Dish and haven't had problems with the winds. I only remember it going out from storms twice since we've been here, almost 2 years. Of course, that's about all the storms we've had in those 2 years... hahaha. Seriously though, it was SUPER heavy cloud cover like death was upon us when the signal went out. Not once from the wind though. I can't complain about Dish. 

tish --- 11 years ago -

Jess, we have Dish too, i just moved here too, and we like them pretty well, we haven't lost signal yet and we have had some pretty strong winds where i live at here lately......(cross fingers) 

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