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I joined this crazy place on 2010-03-31, 8 years ago.

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Dog Boarding? - 8 years ago

So we chose Little L Kennels. My husband just dropped the dogs off. They have and indoor outdoor run/house for the dogs. So they aren't cooped up or freezing. They even provide the food for the dogs (...

Dog Boarding? - 8 years ago

ok i called around. meadowood will charge me about 160/dog for 11 days. the only other place i could get ahold of that's not full is out in medicine park. Little L kennel (580-492-4702) they charge 8/...

Dog Boarding? - 8 years ago

Thanks I'll check them out Maybe the first comment lady though I was trying to board other peoples dogs? that's the only thing that makes sense, or that she used to board until someone abandoned thei...

Dog Boarding? - 8 years ago

Does anyone know of a good place to board large dogs? Also an idea of pricing? I'm going to have to board my two lab/rott mix dogs for a little over a week next month and want to find a decent pla...

Picture taking skills - 8 years ago

Probably just don't care.

Free stuff not free? - 8 years ago

Why would people post stuff for free, and then say they aren't giving it for free but not list a price? c'mon

DOES IT EVER SNOW HERE? - 8 years ago

We never get "real" snow here. The most i've seen is 6". But the ice is what shuts everything down. Mostly it's just a light dusting of snow that we get every now and then. Not much to do anything wit...

I don't know if i'm the only one? Let me know if this happen to you. - 8 years ago

I also understand things come up. I guess there are a few legitimate reasons people can't come on post at certain times. And if someone calls me or e-mails me I am extremely understanding and have alw...

I don't know if i'm the only one? Let me know if this happen to you. - 8 years ago

I think that happens to a lot of us. It's happend several times to me as well. It only takes an extra second for someone to call and say they can't make it. It's just downright rude to not show up at ...

good food? - 8 years ago

Biancos must have changed? We went there several years ago and it was dark and looked like the front for a mob. The food tasted like it came out of cans... Has it changed?

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