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I joined this crazy place on 2010-08-09, 8 years ago.

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How are the road conditions out there? - 8 years ago

i will do that.. thank you so much for the information

How are the road conditions out there? - 8 years ago

oh shoot i needed to do a grocery. thanks

How are the road conditions out there? - 8 years ago

Hey everyone. I live on the eastside and was just wondering if anyone from the eastside has been out towards Wal-Mart on Sheridan. I need to go out but am curious about the road conditions before I go...

New to Ft Sill Coming from Ft. Lewis - 8 years ago

Hi not sure if your interested but I live on the eastside of lawton which is a pretty nice area especially compared to the areas you were speaking of. My neighbor down the street has a for sale by own...

Crazy Lady - 8 years ago

I have a sitter for school night that sells and buys on bookoo that has an in home daycare. lol I hope its not her

Lindsey Taylor at it again! - 8 years ago

No she really is because I am adopting one from her and Im lafamiliahispana on bookoo plenty of people know me. So you cant accuse me of being Im supposed to be getting one from her on ...

Cakes?? - 8 years ago

I have no idea who that is but pixydog on bookoo does great cakes if you cant get a hold of hyperbole you should check this person out. her name is desiree and she does all my cakes. they are deliciou...

Picture taking skills - 8 years ago

Well some poeple live messy all the time so if they dont clean for health reasons or for their kids why would they clean for pictures. Also sometimes the mess is all the crap they are getting ready to...

Dog Boarding? - 8 years ago

a1816343uu.. What does that have to do with what she said.. Also it was pretty hard reading and understanding what you said but I think i may have figured out the jist of it

Okay I am a sucker - 8 years ago

You should probably just ask them to show you it works before you buy it and pick up at their house. If you have a problem with their item you can go back. They cant ignore you if you know where they ...

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