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Hissy Fitz (in the mall)

who's talking here?

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Glenna --- 12 years ago -

Hissy Fitz is a newer store in the mall near Penney's and they are practicing dirty business. I would recommend not buying from them.

Among other things, they sell hair bows and flowers. I purchased $45 in bows from them which included $18 for a bow set with my daughter's name printed on them. I was told they would be ready in about 10 days and I would be called. This was on August 17th. I went back in on August 30th and was told (in a rude manner) that they weren't ready and she told me she would call me. I never heard a word so on October 16th, when I was at the mall for the first time since, I stopped in.

I was told that the 'bow lady' was no longer with the company and I would have to track her down to get my bows. Well, first I shouldn't have to go chasing down their former employees for an order. Second, and most importantly, I just wanted a refund at this point. This is when I was told that the 'bow lady' was a 'vendor' and the owner wasn't responsible. Ok... I had NO WAY to know that she was a vendor. She was the only person in the store that day, she talked about why she started her own business (I assumed she meant Hissy Fitz) so I figured she was the owner. At any rate she sold me more than the bows there and most importantly, I made the check to 'Hissy Fitz', not the 'bow lady'. If I had known that I was buying from a person and not a store I probably wouldn't have bought anything or at the very least got her contact info. Another thing the owner said to me was that this lady had already been paid her commission. Employees work for the store and get paid commission... vendors work for themselves and pay rent for space.

After that she said, 'You want me to take money out my pocket to give to you? That's not fair to me.'

It's not fair for me either. And to an even higher extent b/c I thought I was ordering from the store and the store was going to deliver my items. So yeah, that's exactly what I wanted.

Losing money is one of the risks of opening your own business. If there were no risks then everyone would have their own business. It becomes an even bigger risk when you allow other people to use your business or even hire employees. You, as the business owner, need to be prepared for any negative repercussions from this.

I left that day with instructions to look her up on Facebook or Myspace. I don't use Myspace anymore and I tried to find her on Facebook with no luck. I searched on here and google. I was told the name she uses was 'Nana's Bows'. I would like to know what 'Nana' looks like b/c my husband swears up and down that we've only dealt with the same lady as on October 16th who said she was the owner. But who knows who the owner is, who works for them or themselves and what items are backed by the store.

I just wanted to let everyone know what happened to me since I know hairbows are big right now.

Thanks for reading. 

Sarah --- 12 years ago -

I am so sorry this happened to you. I cant believe that they treated you like that. I am a vendor in the boutique shop "The Crossing" It just opened. It is on the corner of Terrace hills blvd and Quanna Parker trail way. near 82nd street. Check them out. 

Leah --- 12 years ago -

Hmm... does Hissy Fitz have an email address or something? Maybe we can all write emails or sign a petition or something saying that we won't shop there until you get your bows or money. 

laura --- 12 years ago -

the bow lady used to sell her bows at the Flea Market in the old Brittians building I would start there i used to have one of her personal card but threw it away the other day sorry but hope this helps ( that is alot for bows and ive seen her bows and they fall apart easy ) 

Amy --- 12 years ago -!/profile.php?id=100000748935921&v=wall

If you scroll through her wall you will find a update saying Come see her at Hissyfitz and the last comment says she is no longer there but to contact her via FB or Myspace.

Sure hope you get your bows! Update us please! 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

Thanks Amy! I was told to search for 'Nana's Bows and Bling' and I see that it's different. I'll contact her and see what she has to say. Then I'll decide if I still want the bows or just a refund. At this point I think looking at the bows would just tick me off even more but like I said, I'll see what she says.

I still won't shop at the store. Horrible service! And I likely won't shop with Nana again either. My bows should have been done on August 27th. I was told the bow lady left around September 6th or 7th. She posted on Sep 11 that she wasn't there anymore. And the store owner told me that she was no longer there because of things just like this. Which kinda kicks me into a whole other dimension of ticked off but I don't know if she was just saying that or if it was true. Guess I'll find out. 

Danniella --- 12 years ago -

Wow, that's horrible. You shouldn't have to pay upfront for something at a store in the mall like that where you aren't guaranteed the product on time. And there should have been some kind of refund policy from the store owner. I sure hope you find her and get the bows. I deffinately won't be shopping there either. 

NOTALAWTONEER --- 12 years ago -

If she was just a vendor how was she able to cash check that are made out to
Hissy Fitz??? I am confused. I thought you could only cash checks if the check has your name or your business on it?? However that is f*cked up and you should sue! 

Hookahman --- 12 years ago -

If you made the check out to Hissy Fitz and they cashed it, then they are the ones who must give you the refund. It does not matter what they did with the money after they cashed your check (ie. paid an outside vendor). If that were true then every store could tell you they are not responsible for any product, because rarely does a store manufacture anything themselves. If you write a check to sears and buy a Maytag washer do they tell you to find Maytag and get your money back from them?
I think I would return to the store and demand your money back. You Paid The Store for a product and they did not deliver. Therefore, it is their responsibility not yours.

I run a business and let me say this would never fly. If you talked to the DA about the problem and see if they would maybe make a friendly phone call to the store, it might jog their memory about doing business correctly.

Ron "Hookahman" 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

I messaged 'Nana' about 2 weeks ago and never got a response. Shocking.

Daniella - thanks! I agree the store owner should be willing to back her decisions up. spread the word she's not!

Notalawtoneer - I doubt the vendor cashed it herself but as it has been stated it doesn't matter, I made the check to Hissy Fitz.

Hookahman - Thank you. I used an example similar to that myself! I have contacted the BBB and just found out a few days ago that they have forwarded the complaint to Hissy Fitz with a deadline of the 24th to respond to it. Wonder if she'll tell them it's 'not fair'. No clue what happens after that though. I contacted the chamber of commerce here and also filed a complaint with the mall office that goes into the lease file. Then of course posting on local forums. I never thought about calling the DA though. Maybe I'll give them a call Monday or Tuesday. Thanks! 

cortney --- 12 years ago -

i hate that store anyway! why would someone but a onesie for 32 dollars when its a granimals brand which is 3 dollars are walmart.. and they added 2.50 in beads to and why pay 18 dollars for a bow that cost no more 4 to make even if its attached to a very ugly hat.. 

cortney --- 12 years ago -

one of the bows they had for sale in there for 10 dollars
cost me about MAYBE 4.50 to make and with that i could of made atleast 3-5 bows out of the supplies 

a3396495uu --- 12 years ago -

You can go to your bank and let them know that you paid for a service (Bows from Hissy Fitz) and that you never received the bows. If you have the receipt you can give a copy to your bank and tell them that you want your money back. It may cost a few bucks for the bank to take care of it, But you will send a clear and concise message to Hissy Fitz that you will not be screwed over (sorry about the language). Bad business is just that BAD Business and it really messes up peoples trust for small shops.

Ron "Hookahman" 

brit --- 12 years ago -

Whats the update? 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

Well, I have been waiting on a call back from the DA but it still hasn't happened and that's ok, they have bigger fish to fry and I can appreciate that. However, the BBB set a deadline for her to respond to a complaint I made to them by the 24th and amazingly, she responded. Of course it wasn't all accurate but atleast it got her attention. Here is her response...

11/24/2010 WEB BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : In response to the above letter, Karen Cook of Nanas bows and bling was a buisness partner in my store during the stated time..she was NOT paid commission on her items, I did NOT receive a portion of her sales. However I understand the situation that Mrs Williams was in...I was never rude or otherwise to her, She came into my store and that was the first time I'd ever seen her as the conversation she has was with Miss Cook..Afer giving her the information about Miss Cook not being in my store anymore, she continued getting loud and making a scene in my store..I told her at that time to try to reach Miss Cook at the Facebook and Myspace information I provided and If she COULD NOT reach her we would go from there, I had no idea if Miss Cook had finished the order and mailed it or was in the process of getting it to Mrs Williams.. Mrs. Cook left my store on September 7 and took all records of any orders with her...I still have no idea if Miss Cook mailed the bows to Mrs. Williams...However in order to resolve this issue, I'd be happy to mail Mrs. Williams a Gift Certificate for use in Hissyfitz in the amount of $20.00 which is more than the stated $18.00 plus tax. Thank you so much for your time in this matter. Have a Blessed Day!!

A) She said she was a VENDOR, not a partner. Is there not a friggin difference?

B) She did tell me that the bow lady had been paid her commission. She used the word commission. Because she had been paid her commission that is why it wouldn't have been fair to her to refund the money.

C)I may have gotten a little louder but I never caused a scene. I had my child with me. Just a personal defense.

D)She never even alluded to doing something if I couldn't find Nana. She gave me the name and sent me on my way.

E)"Mrs. Cook left my store on September 7 and took all records of any orders with her" 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

well, there was more to that... I don't know what happened but I'll try to pick it up...

E) "Mrs. Cook left my store on September 7 and took all records of any orders with her" That doesn't sound like someone leaving a partnership but more like an employee or vendor grabbing their stuff and walking away from a job

F) If the bows had been mailed, I wouldn't be going through all this. I'd be happy. Unless they fell apart in which case I'd be on here saying 'They fell apart, don't waste your money here'. Maybe now is the time to call your estranged 'partner' and find out her side since she is still costing you money and dragging your name and your business through the mudd!

Final though it that I will take the gift card. That would have been fine in the first place. I would have walked away thinking that this place knows how to rectify a situation before it's a problem. But it became a problem and I had to get the BBB involved to get her attention and let her know that she can't do that to customers and expect to stay in business.

Hookahman, anxious to hear your thoughts and perspective on the owner side of the BBB response.

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts and support! 

Hookahman --- 12 years ago -

Excellent job on contacting the BBB it got her attention. I would still pursue the full refund. You wrote the check out to hissy fitz, not nana's bows. I personally would return to the store (See if you can get the Mall security to come into the store with you for a witness on your demeanor) and very calmly tell her she has a choice, 1. return the money since she cashed the check, 2. you will go to your bank and have them retrieve the funds for you. If it is for fraud or breach of contract (yes it is fraud and breach of contract because you paid for merchandise or a service you never received)your bank will gladly help you. Explain the situation to them and they will help you. Be very honest with them and let them deal with the issues. It may take a week or two but they will get it resolved. As soon as hissy fitz cashed your check they entered into a contract with you to deliver a product or service, and this did not happen therefore it is breach of contract and fraud.

As far as my take on the owner side of the BBB. I am in business because of my customers and clientele. Bad news (or bad business practice) travels 100 times faster than good news. How many times have people come on here to vent about a bad situation (Many) but how many have come on here to praise a business???????? I will do whatever it take to make sure a customer is satisfied before I let them walk out the door. However, (not intended towards you) there are a few customers I could have given them the product for free and paid them for there time to come into the store and they would still want more.

You have been wronged and deserve satisfaction.

I will actually be walking into hissy fitz next week and telling them I think that they are very poor at doing business ( I encourage each and every one you to do the same). The more a business owner hears how bad they have hurt a stand up member of the community and that they are actually telling other people about it, the more they are likely to change the outcome of the bad situation. I think we all should tell everybody we know to do the same, Simply walk in and say "you screwed over Mrs. Williams and this community will not take that, I am telling everyone I know to not shop here". That should start to change her mind.

Ron "Hookahman" 

tish --- 12 years ago -

glenna i live out of town, and wont be up for a week or so, but while its fresh on their mind, i'd like to let them know the same. would you have their address so i can write them???

hookahman, yes your right, i came on here long, long, long ago to vent about a school employee (don't know if she is a teacher or not, but i know she does work for lawton public schools with special ed children) who did me wrong on a camera. i mailed her the money (because it was someone i thought i knew, i had done business with her times before)and this august was a year she has never done good on the refund, but she sure did sell that camera alright. she is still selling on bookoo too, and i'm not much of the drama type, i emailed her and told her i could've been the type to go on there and type up a post telling the whole story so she (or whoever she claims uses her computer-an excuse as to why she doesnt get my messages) could no longer get business but no instead stupid me, i try to do it the nice way. anyways,long story short (sorry for getting carried away) hookahman, your right, a business or someone who conducts business on a regular basis (i.e. bookoo) should be a "straight" seller", and if they are not then they should be put a stop too.

good luck to you all!!! 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

Thanks for the advice. My husband says he doubts the bank would refund the money since it was a check and it was so long ago but you do bring up good points. I guess I should break down and call the bank (I hate calling the bank like I hate finding spiders). Thanks for suggesting everyone go to the store and let them know. It's the Hissy Fit at Hissy Fitz movement!

Tish, it's

Hissy Fitz
100 Central Mall
Lawton, OK 73501

I remember you posting something about that. Did you ever post her seller name on bookoo? I know I don't want to buy from her. 

NOTALAWTONEER --- 12 years ago -

This store is on the black list for all military. The whole place is a scam. 

Hookahman --- 12 years ago -

I Like that... Black list a BAD business is a great way to get the attention of the owners. However, they need to know they are Black Listed. Someone needs to inform the store on official letterhead that they are officially blacklisted by the military.

I hope I never piss you ladies off. If I ever do, my business is DOOMED.....

Ron "Hookahman"

P.S. I took the walk today.. I told the lady in hissy fitz that she has wronged a very good member of our community (Mrs. Williams) and that I will be telling everyone I know not to shop there. She yelled at me to get out of her store, so I went to the Mall office and filed a complaint for rudeness... I did write out the statement for the mall office so it would be official, not just a walk in to vent. 

tish --- 12 years ago -

Sorry I haven't been back to update lately, but I kept good on my word, I did write the letter, and since Ron put the idea in my mind, I'll forward a copy to the mall office as well. Hope things get situated. As with the bad rep, if they do you right, let us all know so we can let them know good word gets around fast just like the bad did too.

In response to your question, no I didn't. I actually had a friend that got so fired up over it she offered me the money to pay for the small claims court ($150 i think is what she said they told her). She went and found out all the info and everything for me - silly woman. I did write to let her (the seller)know, but as you would of guessed she never responded. I've been going through a lot since then, and didn't think I needed to add extra stress in my life. At the time I was going through scare of finding lump in one of my ta-ta's (and yes runs in my family), so just lots of prayers, and I know that's off the subject, but $30 seemed so hmmmm what's the word...... (don't know) to be battling with someone at small claims court, but oh what I would've given to of seen the look on her face. I get angry, because I am not dirt poor, but I am a single mom on a single income, and $30 is quite a bit for me. I don't know about you guys,but I can work wonders if I had to with $30. Either way, time will have it's way, I'm a firm believer that what goes around comes need to smear names over the bookoo site. Glenna if you want the name,let me know I can pm you....Have a blessed holiday season you all. 

a3420331uu --- 12 years ago -

I am sorry the "bow Lady" and hissy fitz did you wrong. I have had people coming to talk to me about this and i wanted to get somethings straighted out. One of the earlier post says that the bow lady used to sell in Brittains Indoor Flea market. I do not know if she did for sure or not but I am currently the one who sells bows at the flea market and have sold there since Feb. I just do not want anyone being confused thinking I am the one who did you wrong. I hope you get your money back. 

a1816343uu --- 12 years ago -

cool from what i have read fome the post it`s carma coming on you`ll 

Glenna --- 12 years ago -

Well, I changed my mind and refused her offer for $20 store credit. I mean, did I expect to go in there and have a pleasant shopping experience after all this? Plus $20 of bows, as stated before, is really only a few dollars of product. I still haven't heard from the BBB if she will be sending a cashier's check as requested. If not then I will go through the bank, I suppose.

Notalawtoneer - are you sure they are blacklisted or just on some complaint list with consumer affairs? If they are truly blacklisted then we have a new word to be spreading!

Hookahman - you are fantastic! Thank you so much for doing both. And who could really get that upset at a hookah kind of person?

Tish - 1st... prayers! thank you, too. It's nice being backed up. Even if it's just the 3 of us, she's getting the message. Even more-so if she's figured out that we're basically strangers.

and for the current bow vendor in the flea market, I'm sorry that you've been mistaken for the bow lady in my situation. Hopefully your post will help clear your name. According to the store owner at Hissy Fitz the 'bow lady' is Karen Cook of Nana's Bows-n-Bling. The fact that you are hearing about it shows how strong word-of-mouth is and that the efforts made here are working. 

Hookahman --- 12 years ago -

I know the Bow Lady "Triple C Creations" at the Flea Market In Brittains old Warehouse on D and Simpson. She is a very wonderful lady... Her husband evens comes in to watch the booth every once in a while. Both of them are great people. If anyone has any needs for bows, come see them....

Ron "Hookahman"

P.S. If in need of a Hookah or supplies I have a shop in the Flea Market also... 

Shelly --- 12 years ago -

There is a couple bow people I know that do awesome work..."Bows by Julliane" and then there is another seller on here that is awesome. SHe makes bows and tutus and very cheap not much more than what she pays. She loves doing this in her free time while kiddos are napping. 

LoveMYLife --- 12 years ago -

After reading all this I WILL NEVER step foot in that store agian!!!! 

Annetastic --- 12 years ago -

Ok. So I found a purse in Hissy Fitz a few months ago that I absolutely adore and now they're gone...does anyone know where they got their purses? 

Annetastic --- 12 years ago -

And by 'they're gone' I mean Hissy Fitz is closed down completely. 

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