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I joined this crazy place on 2009-05-02, 14 years ago.

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know of any places? - 12 years ago

Sears used to do it, you cna check with them as well

Do People really BUY coupons from other people?? - 12 years ago

That seems pretty shady to me. How can you make money on a coupon that has no value. They say like 1/100th of a cent. Who is gonna buy a coupon?? I get that they are selling for pennies to the dol...

How 'bout I post my complaint here! - 12 years ago

I used to moderate on Freecycle and then the rules were followed to a T. I have not been on there much lately, but your right, people want to know why they cant have your stuff and like they deserve ...

pawn shops for film cameras? - 12 years ago

Try your hand at ebay. Check out some of the other camera posts on ebay and see how people sell them. You probably will get alot more for them, but film cameras are just not as popular. Digital ahs...

$20-30 for a CAKE?? - 12 years ago

About the cakes tho, yes people do want something for nothing. It takes these cake ladies hours and hours to make them cakes. They are gorgeous and from what I know of one of them at least they are ...

$20-30 for a CAKE?? - 12 years ago

I sell few and far between, but feel I price stuff very fair. I dont usualy have items listed long. I also dont sell off my entire closet one post at a time. If I do clothes, it goes in lots. I ha...

Hotel recommendations for 6 weeks? - 12 years ago

If you call on post, tell them its for school, he may get in easier than I can get a room for family. I know alot of the foreign troops that train here stay there, so there must be something with the...

Hotel recommendations for 6 weeks? - 12 years ago

Post does have a hotel, it fills quick and all the time. Caling is always better than booking online, they sometimes give better discounts by calling and telling them your military on orders. Most a...

Car prices are ridiculous! - 12 years ago

Try up in Chickasha. Not quite so close to Post and more country folk there that arent just in it for a buck. There isa place by Dairy Queen that a friend of mine bought a car from adn loved it!!

German Food Trailer by Class 6 - 12 years ago

the wait is long depending on when you go. I think it is so worth it!! They raise all their own beef, grass fed, no hormones. Definitely worth the wait and the money. I just went there for the fir...

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